Candle Bar

Welcome to our new Candle Bar where you can create a beautiful personalised gift by choosing three votive candles to put in this lovely gift box, all for just £10!

From gifting a beloved family member to showing how much a friend means to you, give the perfect gift of fragrance, brought to you by Sanctuary. Follow the simple steps below to create your bespoke gift:

  1. Add the Empty Gift Box to your basket.
  2. Choose any 3 of your favourite fragranced votive candles and add them to your basket.
  3. At the Checkout, when your basket has 3 candles and 1 gift box, the total amount of your bespoke gift will be £10!

Buying more than one gift set? Make sure to increase the quantity of the gift box for every 3 votive candles in your basket! So, if you're purchasing 3 candles there should be 1 gift box in your basket, if purchasing 6 candles there should be 2 gift boxes etc.

The votive candles that you choose will be placed in each gift box at random, so if you're purchasing more that one gift set be sure to check your gift set when it arrives and re-arrange the order of your candles. Our ordering system will only allow up to 5 gift boxes to be purchased in one transaction. If you would like to purchase more than 5 gift boxes, you can do this in a separate transaction.

Happy Browsing!

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