The skincare question we all want to know – answered!

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Beauty experts all agree layering products is key to great skin. But in which order should they be used? A list therapist Nichola Joss demystifies the application process and divulges tips, tricks and the miraculous multi-tasking product that’ll guarantee close-up ready skin.

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Order of application…

  1. Cleanse
  2. Scrub
  3. Tone
  4. Mask
  5. Serum
  6. Eye product
  7. Moisture (day)
  8. SPF (day)
  9. Oil (night)


How to cut time without compromising results

  •  Try a product that multi tasks. Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum, £19.50, is a brilliant anti ageing product that combines a treatment oil and a powerful serum. Personally I then don’t have to use a day or night cream, as this is enough for me – it does it all in one shot!
  • If you are using a cleansing cloth or sonic face brush I find you can skip facial scrubs.
  • Masks don’t have to be used every day. Once or twice a week is enough for most people.

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  1. Martina says:

    I always exfoliate, cleanse, tone, moisturise, eye cream.

    Does that mean I am doing it wrong?

    What does each stage do? It would be good to have a post to tell use that!