Behind the Bathroom Door of Beauty Editor Nadine Baggott

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The beauty editor’s beauty editor, Nadine Baggott is a straight talking industry insider with an unrivalled knowledge of products, facials and treatments.

Here she reveals what’s behind her bathroom doors (yes- she has two!)…


Read what Nadine had to say:

Hi. I’m Nadine Baggott. Welcome behind my bathroom door.

I rather indulgently have two bathrooms and it sounds very, very ridiculous. This is my 20 minute first-thing-in-the-morning bathroom. A simple reason is I’ve got a shower and I have shower most mornings. Then all my skincare is set up really for five minute fix and go. I start with serums, which I really love. When you get to my age and you do TV, trust me, you need all the help you can get. I really believe exfoliating makes the difference. From body brushing on your body to good old scrubs on your face.

This is bathroom number two. It’s my sanctuary at home. The whole design of the bathroom, even though it’s really small is based around my experiences at Zen spas in the far eastern, the Maldives & in Thailand. My first step is always to have a really good scrub. I remember nagging the girls’, the therapist’s at the Sanctuary Spa, “Scrub harder! Scrub harder!” because I really love that baby soft skin you get when you’ve had a really good scrub.

This one’s sea salt and oil so it gets rid of the dead skin cells. Gets rid of rough elbows and feet, knees and stuff like that even old built up fake tan. It just leaves your skin baby smooth and soft. I would dry body brush and you can tell that I’ve actually used this, it’s quite tatty but I would dry body brush. Overlapping strokes up towards your heart for about 2 or 3 minutes until your skin really tingles, then I use this scrub.

Then, I actually like bubbles. Most people love oil in the bath. I absolutely love anything bubbly. I love to fill it to the top with gorgeous scented aroma therapy bubbles. Just relax and let the whole days cares wash away.
Now it’s time for you to go. I’m going to have some down time. Scrub myself and have a nice warm bath. Bye.


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