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Easter means a deluge of sweet treats.  Marzipan covered Simnel cake, hot cross buns and lots of lots of chocolate.  And though there is nothing wrong with indulging (scientific studies say that a hit of the sweet stuff can be more pleasurable than listening to your favourite music, winning the lottery or falling in love!) for our health’s sake we sometimes like to good to practice a little self-restraint (sometimes!).  If you’re trying to be on your best behaviour, here’s how to moderate your intake…

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Swap In Natural Sweeteners

1)  Nutritionist Eve Kalinik uses dates to add a sweet hit to cakes or smoothies.honey 1200x1200

2)  Replace sugar with honey as it has some B vitamins and often zinc and selenium too. Plus it is also sweeter than sugar, so the theory is you use less.


 Indulge healthfully

1)  Try using raw cacao powder instead of coco powder in recipes.  You’ll need half as much and you’ll also get lots of good-for-you anti oxidants and a mood-boosting hit.  Try Creative Nature Cocao Powder, £7 at Tesco.

2)  When buying your treat go for dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. Why?  The intensity will mean cravings are satisfied in a smaller amount.  Try Lindt Excellence 90% cocoa, £1.89 for 100g.

3)  Buy Milk Miniatures from Green & Blacks, £5.59 for 12 at ocado.com. Individually wrapped so you’re more likely to eat less in one sitting!gb 1200x624


Reasons to feel good about chocolate?

It’s been reported to reduce blood pressure, deliver health-boosting antioxidants and elevate your mood.

We’ll certainly be having of fill of chocolate eggs, bunnies, cakes… for mouthwatering inspiration take a look at our Pinterest board!

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