Meet Tess Ward ‘The Yes Chef’ – Q & A

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We’ve teamed up with Tess Ward, the mastermind behind ‘The Yes Chef’, for the launch of our new Air-Whipped Soufflé & Cooling Sorbet bodycare collections.

We met with Tess to find out more about her, her beauty favourites & how to eat your way to gorgeous skin…

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Can you tell us a little about why you set up your company and what you hope to achieve?

I wanted to inspire and empower other people to cook healthy food. My business is a success if one person a week chose to make one of my recipes instead of getting a takeaway. I want people to make enough time for themselves to live a healthy life the best way they can, with the ultimate aim of being healthy and happy. Delicious food is a great way to facilitate that.

What is your food ethos and how do you feel that fits with Sanctuary Spa?Sweet canape

My food ethos is all about luxurious food that tastes delicious and is enjoyable to eat, whilst also being healthy, appealing, nurturing and nourishing. Just like Sanctuary Spa products they should be used with ease everyday like my recipes. I love products and food that are accessible for everyone.

What should we be eating to keep our skin looking great?

To keep skin looking great I recommend eating things like coconut, flax seeds, berries, blueberries – these are all great for skin.

 Why do you feel textures are so important both in food and in beauty?

Texture is such a sensual thing. You want it to feel delightful. A contrast of textures in food is good, but for beauty you want something that feels amazing on the skin. Texture is paramount to sensuality.

What is your favourite product from the new range and why?Souffle-Whip-Shower-Only-Sm

I adore the Air-Whipped Shower Soufflé, it’s so light and makes the whole bathroom smell amazing afterwards. You don’t even need to put moisturiser on afterwards! It leaves skin feeling so soft and it smells so good that I don’t want to put anything else on to hide the scent.

Why do you think it is important women take time to treat themselves with pampering products?

We all live really busy lives, constantly exhausting ourselves with the stress of life, it’s so important to take time out to enjoy your own company. Pampering is great as it facilitates quietness and headspace.

How do you manage to carve out beauty time for yourself? 

I make it routine at weekends to run myself a bath and make a cup of tea at the end of the day and use indulgent and invigorating products to help me wake up in the morning and feel refreshed. I ensure I allocate myself time, which is so important as I can work on my blog which is such a luxury.

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Find more about Tess & her recipes on her blog

As well as chatting to Tess, we took our Soufflés & Sorbets out onto the streets to see what you thought of them. We met lots of lovely ladies (& even a few gentleman!), take a look at the video below of what they had to say about our new tasty treats…

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