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Baths.  We love them. The perfect anti-dote to a hectic life.  Alone time when you can think, read a magazine or good book. And they’re a brilliant time to beautify and rejuvenate with masks, scrubs, mood boosting oils or feel good foam.

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So here’s how to maximize feel good tub time. Floating Bath Soak Hero

1)  Create the right ambience.  This is all about flickering candles, fresh flowers from the garden and subtle lighting.

2)  Get the right equipment.  Invest in a bath tray, a bath pillow and a body brush.

3)  Find the perfect products.  Our Luxury Bath Float has a blissful fragrance and creates an embarrassment of bubbles. Or Unwind Luxury Bath Soak is loaded with spirit boosting, skin softening oils.  Oh and look out for our two incredible new dessert-inspired bodycare collections that just launched!

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