5 ways to gently crowd out sugar

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We all know that sugary foods aren’t very good for us, yet those sweet treats are sometimes too delicious to ditch! It might be that you enjoy a few too many biscuits with your tea, or it could be that you get full on sugar cravings. Whatever role sugar plays in your life, here are 5 easy ways to naturally crowd out sugar, without a scary detox in sight.

Cake - How to reduce sugar

  1. Focus on filling your shopping trolley with whole, natural foods like vegetables, fresh fruit, meat, dairy, whole grains, nuts and seeds. If you don’t buy the sugary treats, you won’t have them in the kitchen to eat!
  2. Plan some more savoury snacks instead of sweet ones. Try hummus recipe with veggie sticks, rice cakes with peanut butter or wholemeal toast with mashed avocado.Avocado on toast - How to reduce sugar
  3. When sugar cravings do strike, try and meet them with naturally sweet foods such as dried fruit and fresh fruit instead of sweets or biscuits. Just pair the fruit with some protein or fat such as yoghurt or a handful of nuts to make sure they fill you up.
  4. Try making your own sweet treats from scratch with sugar alternatives such as honey and maple syrup or even mashed banana.
  5. Buy best quality dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It might take a little getting used to, but dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk and has a richer flavour that you’ll learn to love!


These easy tips will help you to cut down on sugar, reduce cravings and enjoy the benefits of other healthier foods.

You don’t have to remove every sugary treat from your diet, I certainly couldn’t imagine life without an occasional slice of cake! It’s about creating a better balance where you feel good, stay healthy and enjoy your food!


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