Beauty Products To Keep In Your Fridge  

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Cool products feel refreshing, take down redness and temporarily tighten and lift your skin. What’s not to love?

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 Here’s which beauty products to keep in your fridge…

Sanctuary Lift and Brighten Eye Complex.  Amplify the effects of this incredibly hydrating, depuffing, youth boosting product by keeping it cool.

Time reversal Face Mask Travel Sachet.  Face flushed from rising temperatures or a day in the sun?  Stash this in the fridge and use it to reduce inflammation, fight redness and restore even toned calm.

A Facial Spray. Fill a small container (we like Muji’s 50ml bottle) with water and spritz on your face and pulse points for instant refresh.

Teaspoons.  If hayfever plus sticky temperatures and a restless night means your eyes are puffier than a vol au vent, place a couple of chilled spoons on closed eyelids for ten seconds and admire instantly sleeker, more wide awake eyes.

 And which beauty products not to…

Nail Varnish:  Yes refrigeration will prolong its, life but it’ll also make your formulation thicker and can cause it to separate.

Fragrance: lower temperatures can cause it to lose some of its scent.

No fridge required!

Our Cooling Sorbet Collection combines groundbreaking technology with ultra refreshing ingredients (like cucumber water and aloe vera) to deliver a zingy, icy sensation and a deliciously chilled scent.

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