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This blogpost is brought to you by Caro from The Twinkle Diaries

My beauty regime and has changed over time. Much as I still like acting like an overgrown child — cavorting around a festival field wearing a glitterball on my head — my body and skin (annoyingly) are definitely not still in the first flush of youth.

These days, I need a little bit of help to keep them looking as young as I feel. Water intake definitely improves skin-tone and elasticity — there’s no doubt about that.  Good diet and exercise too. But what other things can you do?

Once your twenties and (whispers) thirties are behind you, you need a little help to keep things looking their finest. Sadly, the days of slapping a bit of cheap moisturiser on and hoping for the best are long gone. So in my endless pursuit of a more youthful complexion, I’ve been testing out Sanctuary products; and I’m so excited about them, I wanted to share my findings with you.

Salt Scrub

Now, I’ve been using Sanctuary’s salt scrub for years. I think I may have first bought it when I was getting married — and that was in 2001 — and I’m faithful to it even now. It’s still in the same gorgeous, heavy jar — with a Kilner style lid — but, instead of silver catches, those clever bods at Sanctuary have replaced them with rose gold. Very on-trend and a fab addition to my bathroom.

But whilst the packaging has changed, it still contains the same, gorgeous skin softening scrub. If you’ve never used it, I urge you to treat yourself and buy a pot. It’s just £13 for a lovely large jar (that you can reuse once the contents have gone) and it lasts for ages.

The scrub itself is amazing. The texture is unctuous; masses of crunchy salt in the most intoxicatingly scented oil. Rub it onto your body to really get the blood circulating and slough away dry skin. Then wash away the salt and your limbs with feel as though they’ve been slathered in a perfumed oil. This is great for lazy girls like me; who often can’t be bothered to use body moisturiser after bathing.

A very minor niggle is that it leaves the bath a little greasy but that the pros definitely outweigh the cons, in this instance. I’m a genuine fan and have been using this product for long enough to give it my wholehearted approval.

But talking about my old favourite — I’ve now also got a brand new favourite.

Charcoal Detox Shower Burst

I’ve got to warn you, this looks alarming when you first hold down the nozzle; as a burst of charcoal coloured foam will spill out. But rub it into your limbs and watch it magically transform into heavenly white clouds of softly scented lather. This purifying Charcoal Shower Burst feels totally moisturising and — similar to the salt scrub — when you’ve washed it off, the silky feeling remains and your skin is left feeing satin smooth. A definite winner!

But whilst these two products are fabulous for the body, the products I’m most excited about are for the face. Because, after all, you can cover your body up!

1 Minute Flash Facial

I’ve been using the 1 Minute Flash Facial a couple of times a week over the past month and have really, really noticed a difference in my skin tone. This bad-boy is probably the best product I’ve tried in a very long time. It’s packed with vitamin C — from three sources — including an extract from the Kakadu plum (or Gubinge); the world’s top source for vitamin C. It has a slightly granular, gel-like formula that you smooth on. Just activate with a couple of drops of water, then wash off after just one minute.

No faffing about and waiting for it to dry or harden. You can pop it on, brush your teeth, then wash it off. Simple. I sound like an advert but it really does make my face look radiant and more youthful. Use it and you’re left with a fresh-faced glow. It really, really works. And as it’s full of vitamin C it surely constitutes one of your 5 a day…

Illuminating Whipped Moisture Crème

I’m a bit of a butterfly when it comes to moisturiser. I’m not brand loyal and often switch it up! This Illuminating Whipped Moisture Crème stacks up against any that I’ve tried before though. It feels a little greasy when it’s first applied, but soon settles into the skin and leaves your face feeling soft and hydrated.

 I especially like the fact that it contains SPF 15 (although I wish that it had a slightly higher factor!) — Because folks, we all know that the sun is the number one naughty culprit, when it comes to ageing our skin. This is a fab addition to any girl’s (or boy’s) beauty regime.

Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil

Apparently just 2 drops are as effective as a day cream 5 times the price. This product just has everything going for it. The name alone ‘Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil‘  piques my interest and makes me want to know more. A Secret Facial Oil? Oh yes please! Plus Sanctuary Spa’s claim; that just ‘2 drops is as effective as a day cream 5 times the price’ make it definitely worth the modest £17.50. What a bargain!

Infused with pure essential oils, including rosehip, sunflower, jojoba, wheatgerm, frankincense and rose, this liquid gold has been created to ‘hydrate and defend against sun, air-conditioning and pollution’.

I love everything about it. The fact that it comes in a little glass vial with a pipette (pipettes make things feel a little bit more serious, I find*). *I’m a sucker for packaging. The fact that it feels a lot more expensive than it’s humble price tag. It works — let’s not forget that.

The Three Amigos — these Sanctuary Spa Products are worth their weight in gold!


These three products are a great addition to anyone’s beauty arsenal. Singly, they’re a good buy. Used together, they’re a fabulous investment. All modestly priced, they won’t break the bank and will give your skin the protection it needs to stave off all those pesky free radicals.

The lovely folk at Sanctuary Spa are running a brilliant Superfan Sunday event on their website at the moment. Spend just £10 and they’ll give you an ‘Every Moment Matters’ giftset worth £11 FREE. Add the gift to your basket and enter code ‘MYMOMENT’ at checkout and the gift becomes FREE! Just because they’re nice like that. Offer valid from Sunday 20th August – Tuesday 22nd August.

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