3 Minutes with Superfan Katy

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Get to know our Superfan of the week, Katy from What Katy Said a little better and most importantly how she takes time out of her busy days to relax, breathe & #LetGo every now and then.

When & why did you first start blogging?

I started blogging in 2014 after having my second baby. I had been through so much with her milk allergies that I wanted to share our story with other parents going through the same thing.


What’s your secret to work / life balance

If anyone has the secret do share! Seriously though, I think knowing that you can never get it all done helps you to put it all down and switch off. Family must always come first.

What’s the last book you read & would you recommend it?

I have just this minute finished ‘The Year of Living Danishly’ By Helen Russell and I would definitely recommend reading it. The Danes seem to have a wonderful work life balance and honestly it has made me want to move there!

 If you only have 3 minutes, what do you do to #LetGo ?

If I only have 3 minutes to #LetGo then I usually put on the radio and have a dance around the living room with the baby. Such a great way to relax and have a bit of fun.

If you have 30 minutes, how do you #LetGo?

If I have 30 minutes to #LetGo then I have a shower – nothing better than letting water wash away your stress.

Describe a cup of tea in 3 words.

Probably not very British of me but I don’t actually drink tea! But, I grew up in a house of tea drinkers so the smell does bring me comfort. Tea to me means dunking biscuits, home and family.


Sundays are for…..

Sundays are for lazing in bed, watching cheesy movies and afternoon walks in the countryside.


Name one thing you are grateful for today

Today I am grateful for being germ free after a week of poorly babies.

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