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Classic Fragrance Diffuser

Now in beautiful new packaging, this utterly gorgeous scent is perfect for creating your own Sanctuary.

Fragrance stimulates one of the most powerful of all our senses – an aroma can uplift us, relax & delight us.

We have developed a unique, sophisticated fragrance with sparkling notes of citrus, bergamot & jasmine, followed by a sensuous combination of vanilla, patchouli & sandalwood.

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Great, but...


on 29/01/2015

I've concluded that Santuary is an environmentally UNfriendly company. If they can't even bother to make refills, thus creating all this glass wastage, then it makes me wonder what else they can't be bothered to be doing - products tested on animals, instead of bothering to look for safe alternatives? 5* if it weren't for this. Come on Sanctuary, you can do better than this. I'll take my money elsewhere for the time being.

Please please please sell refills!


on 07/11/2014

I love these diffusers, I have a few scattered around my house and the oil has lasted well over a year, although the scent has finally started fading. So, like others, I came to the Sanctuary site looking for a refill oil/new reeds set like a lot of companies sell, looking to provide a 'greener' product. I'm a bit disappointed, I really don't need another glass bottle, it's a waste to make, package and ship it, PLEASE start selling a refill set! Come on Sanctuary, surely it's easier to keep your existing customers happy than try and get new ones...

Also, I've seen a few votes in the reviews for Sanctuary to bring back the Bergamot scent that was available a few years ago, so I'd like to add my request to those too.

Overall a top product, but I'm undecided as to whether I'll be buying a whole new one, or whether I'll be reusing the Sanctuary bottles with refills from a different company.

Classic Fragrance Diffuser


on 10/09/2014

I've had two of these Classic Fragrance Diffusers. The first one I purchased from Boots quite some time ago (I can't remember when), but the fragrance was fabulous. I loved it and thought it was the best fragrance diffuser EVER! When the time came to replace it, I purchased it from Boots. However, the standard is not as good. The fragrance appears to smell a bit synthetic. It's nowhere near as nice as my first diffuser. Perhaps the formulation has changed? Perhaps to save money on the production? I won't be purchasing again. Shame as I adore the body and facial products.

sanctuary spa classic diffuser


on 28/11/2013

I was given one last christmas and opened it right away, it's been open continually ever since and there is still some left. It's on my list for this year, just love it!



on 22/11/2013

You've got to try these diffusers they are like no other ive tried, they last longer than others and the smell is just divine it goes right throughout the house smelling fresh all the time I would highly recommend this to everyone to at least try you won't go back to any other products. I also use the candles as well and in the bath it gives you that relaxing feeling.



on 22/11/2013

I have used sanctuary products for years starting with the classic fragrance which is absolutely stunning stuff and tried other fragrances but I keep going back to the classic the smell on it is out of this world I have it off family and friends every Christmas and birthdays and they come in gorgeous bags vanity cases theres nothing more I can say about this product other than TRY IT YOU,L SEE FOR YOURSELF AND YOU WON'T GO BACK TO ANY OTHER PRODUCT.



on 27/03/2012

I love this range and was really pleased when I started usingthe diffuser - I| like other customers| have tried a few but the scent is often weak & doesn't last - this is not the same - the scent is constant & you really notice it - wonderful! Will definitely stick to Sanctuary for diffusers! I feel the same as other reviewers - would be good if there was a refill available and would OVE it idf the Daydream/Sleep version was available - it's my fav!!

The very best.


on 16/01/2012

"I am a fanatic for room fragrance. All the reed types i have tried are...well not much smell.

Was given this as a present| and it is the best on the market| better than any battery air pump types even. Superb smell| and last for ages| well worth the money.

Please make one in the Mela fragrance."

I can't believe there are no refills


on 08/01/2012

My diffuser has nearly run out of georgeous scent. I can't believe no one at Sanctuary has read the reviews here and not clicked on to the idea of selling refills. Think of the savings for the planet and on packaging for sales and customers alike?

I love this scent!


on 07/11/2011

I love my diffuser. As a visitor from the US| it's too bad there are no refills as I will have to make the decision upon my next visit| to buy a whole new set. I may have to buy a candle as backup.



on 05/06/2011

Great subtle fragrance that distributed all around the room! This was a present and really lovely! I was looking to see if there are refills and am very disappointed to discover otherwise. This is a BIG down point for me as I feel it is a huge waste to buy a whole new set| so sadly this will be my one and only time with this item. Would be 5*s but for the no refills and wastage...down to 3.



on 17/05/2011

Love this but not happy there are no refills.



on 27/02/2011

Really lovely| couldn't be more happy. BUT why no refill? Would love to give 5 stars| but without the refill it has to be 3

Fragrance Diffuser


on 16/02/2011

Bought the Classic Fragrance Diffuser for the very first time and I love it.. Would love it if you sold refills rather than the complete set| would save money and you would sell more.. come on Sanctuary treat your customers ...



on 27/01/2011


Refills Please


on 23/07/2010

I bought several of these at Christmas. They made lovely presents (the jars are so pretty and go with any colour scheme plus they smell divine). I kept 2 for myself!! The Bergamot fragrance in my ensuite makes both the loo and my bedroom smell lovely and fresh. I never tire of the fragrance. BUT they're running out now and I'm desperate for refills. Come on Sanctuary| refills please.

Diffuser refill


on 16/07/2010

I really love the product and would like a refill which doesn't appear to exist; I don't need another bottle and reeds.

Loving the product


on 20/04/2010


Love the product| wish you did refills| don't always want another bottle and reeds| such a waste and cost to consumer."



on 23/02/2010

Fabulous product. Love it please please get more in stock

Please please dont take this product off your list!!


on 28/01/2010

This product is absolutely fabulous and last for months. They smell delicious and you get whiffs of fragrance regularly. Please please don

Fragrance Diffuser


on 18/01/2010

Lovely perfume absolutely love it!

Classic Fragrance Diffuser


on 13/01/2010

I am delighted with this product. The oil is much stronger than other brands I have used. Am I able to purchase more oil when the existing one runs out?


on 08/01/2010

A fabulous Christmas Present| Smells Gorgeous. Would Strongly Recommend.


on 23/11/2009

This is absolute fantastic. Great fragrance and lasts for ages| would thoroughly recommend. Lovely gift or treat yourself.


on 05/11/2009

A delicate aroma to the room| this product lasts for months.I hope I get more for Christmas.

How to Use

1 Remove stopper from the glass bottle and arrange the reeds allowing them to absorb the oil.
2 Periodically turn the stems to ensure the fragrance is is replenished until all the oil is gone.


Reed Diffuser:
Remove stopper from the glass bottle and arrange the reeds allowing them to adsorb the oil. This  diffuser is perfect for continuously scenting your favourite places with fragrance evaporating into the air via the porous reeds. Periodically turn the stems to ensure fragrance is replenished until the all the oil is gone.

Reed Diffuser Warnings:
Flammable. Do not use near flames or heat. Place in a secure place and keep out of reach of children and pets at all times. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If swallowed seek medical advice immediately. Wipe up any spillages immedicately as these may harm polished/plastic surfaces. Do not use for purposes other than originally intended. Do not light sticks. Wash hands after use. 

See back of pack for more details

Contains: Limonene, Coumarin. May cause an allergic reaction.