Therapist's Secret Facial Oil

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  • Therapist's Secret Facial Oil
  • Therapist's Secret Facial Oil
  • Therapist's Secret Facial Oil

Therapist's Secret Facial Oil


Size: 30ml

Described by our Therapist's as the secret step in a spa facial, this 100% natural superfood for skin works on all skin types.

A powerful mixture of pure oils (sunflower, jojoba & wheatgerm oil, known to be rich in vitamin E), helps replenish the skin's natural oil content & provides noticeable plumper & rejuvenated skin.

Rosehip seed oil helps rebuild & strengthen, while the balancing duo of precious rose & frankincense soothes & calms for skin that looks dewy-soft, radiant & noticeably younger.

Now 99% organic

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great value for money

by Louise

on 31/03/2014

Love this product. Smells great, feels great and leaves skin looking nourished and glowing. Great on its own, or applied underneath a tinted moisturiser it provides you with a glowing luminosity. And compared with similar products on the market, it's great value too, as a little goes a long way...

facial oil

by june

on 05/02/2014

This is lovely and soft and does leave your skin with a dewy glow.

Therapists Secret facial Oil

by Fran

on 12/01/2014

It is exactly as it says on the bottle....the powerful mixture of oils really made my skin so very soft and dewy.I even took it with me on holiday and could not part with it.
I highly recommend this to anyone!!

Therapist's Secret Facial Oil

by SallyP

on 09/01/2014

This is the first Sanctuary product that I really haven't got on with. I don't think it's the product,t I just don't think my skin reacts well to these type of face oils. I couldn't use it at all in the mornings, as I found my make up just slid off, regardless of how little I used (I do naturally have very oily skin) I am using it more as a night treatment to boost my night cream and that seems to be working well, I also noticed someone suggested mixing it with a body lotion which I will definitely try...A good product just not for me...


by Mella

on 09/01/2014

This product is amazing, I am always wary of oils but this moisturised to perfection and didn't irritate my skin or make it too shiny. I would highly recommend

Therapist's Secret Facial Oil

by sj59

on 08/01/2014

For the last couple of years I have always added a few drops of a more expensive serum to my night moisturiser each evening, but for the last month have been using a couple of drops of Therapist's Secret Facial Oil instead. As other reviewers have already mentioned I was worried that adding oil, rather than serum, to my combination skin would make it too greasy. This is not the case and I must admit that my skin still feels just as hydrated in the morning as when using serum.

Moisturising luminosity

by LouTheSchmoo

on 08/01/2014

Love this oil. A little goes a long way so not as pricey as may at first appear. Sweep it up from décolletage up neck and jaw bone then round to my wrinkling forehead (I'm 44). At night I use it on its own, in the day under my bb cream and it gives me a healthy luminosity to my otherwise winter pallor. Oh and it smells DIVINE. A winter must-have!

Just the thing

by Diana

on 21/12/2013

If my face feels particularly dry, I'll apply the oil directly, otherwise I tend to add a drop or two to my normal moisturiser: either way, my skin feels so nourished and the oil is absorbed easily. It has a lovely natural smell, so there's the added bonus of a little 'aromatherapy', which as others have said has quite a relaxing/soothing effect. You also get a lot of product for the price, so it provides excellent value for money.

Amazing product!

by EmilySurrey

on 16/12/2013

I've never used oil on my face before because I've got quite oily skin and was worried about it being too greasy. I was so wrong! This product is amazing! It's so moisturising and not greasy at all. I use it morning and evening and have noticed the difference in just a few weeks, even with this horrid weather! My skin is now so smooth, even, and moisturised, and the oil makes it smell so lovely aswell! It's a very calming smell to use before you to bed. Wonderful product, I'd recommend it to anyone!

Therapist's secret facial oil

by Debbie

on 10/12/2013

I have been really impressed with this product- my skin has been suffering from the cold and central heating and just a couple of drops at night has really made a difference. I am so pleased I tried it. It is also good for other dry skin areas, alone or mixed in with a body cream, and a little really goes a long way.

Winter skin begone!

by Donna

on 04/12/2013

This product was recommended to me by a friend. My (42 year old)skin was in a state due to the cold out side and central heating inside. I use 2 drops at night and 2 in the morning. The results are fab. My skin is moisturised without feeling greasy. It actually feels like it is protected from the elements as well as treating my dry skin. You only need a couple of drops so it lasts for ages. A couple of drops on the decollage are not a bad idea too!!

Lovely product -such good value

by Wineros

on 02/12/2013

I have been using this now for a few weeks and would highly recommend. I am very fussy about skin care as I have sensitive skin. This is beautiful to use you can really tell the quality of the ingredients. My skin is really glowing and this is an absolute pleasure to use. Very good value for money given the size of the bottle.

Therapist's secret facial oil

by PippaRM

on 24/11/2013

I love this product. I've used it with the other products in the range and would say my skin is looking firmer and younger. I think it leaves less oily residue than some moisturisers and has done a really good job of protecting my skin against the change in weather, central heating etc which usually dries it out.

Youthful Winter Rescue in two drops

by F

on 22/11/2013

I've been using this product for two weeks now and have found it is perfect for the harsh elements of winter.

Easily absorbed with the excess oil moisturised well into my neck as well as my face.

Rejuvenating fragrance with noticeable smoother, clearer complexion. Using this at night I have found that where I usually have dry patches ... No longer... Thanks Sanctuary.. No longer a therapist secret.. It's my secret to youthful fresher complexion :-)

A nice glow!

by Himi

on 22/11/2013

I have combination skin and was a bit dubious trying this . However with such positive reviews I thought I would give it a go. The reviews proved right. I like the packaging and smell of the product. I used the product at night and mixed a little with my normal moisturiser in the morning. It has really boosted the moisture levels in my skin and it does not leave a greasy residue. I have also used the oil on my cuticles and my nails looking much better. Overall another product from the sanctuary that does what it says on the tin !

Wow, just wow!

by Roz

on 20/11/2013

Ive always been a bit dubious of facial oil as my face is already quite oily, but having read the reviews I thought I would give it a whirl whilst on holiday, as a real treat following time in the sun. Why haven't I tried facial oil before???? Its amazing. My skin is soft and supple, with non of the oily residue I was expecting. I am recommending this to anyone I speak to


by WendyR

on 20/11/2013

Great product, I was worried that it would make my skin greasy as it's an oil and I have a tendency to breakout but it left my skin soft and oil free, immediately felt younger and my skin was hydrated! After one week I have no spots at all and have replaced my moisturiser for therapist oil.

Cold weather comfort

by MrsM

on 20/11/2013

This facial oil has a lovely natural smell to it and is light when pressed onto the skin. It has really made my skin feel more comfortable after just one week using it at night, as I usually suffer with dry patches of skin once the heating is on and the weather is colder! A great product which does exactly what it promises.


by Billie

on 19/11/2013

I absolutely love this facial oil - you only need a few drops for one application and your skin is left feeling incredibly moisturised. I've tried using creams since and they just don't moisturise my skin half as well. It's smells great too - a highly recommended product!

Love it!

by Georgia

on 18/11/2013

Think this is amazing!! 5 star product..perfect for every type of skin


by rachel- Shrewsbury

on 11/08/2013

Love this product, The Oil is light and sinks in wonderfully without leaving a residue or leaving my pores feeling clogged! I mainly use at night and let it work its magic while I sleep leaving me to wake up with a soft, hydrated face!

Fantastic Product

by Debbie Lloyd

on 24/01/2013

I have recently purchased the 2 step hydration regime which contains therapists secret facial oil and it is gorgeous. Infact i found it so lovely i purchased another two sets. The oil soaks into your skin and leaves it feeling and smelling heavenly. I am a convert, i will most definately be using this from now on - no more creams for me, its oil all the way.

best product

by maria

on 28/10/2012

got product threw a freind who swore by it have tried to many exprensive other brands and wastdid money down the drain with no real resluts this product within less than a week replaced my very concentratdid day cream other brand which didnt show resluts and this has given me the results i want i wont by another brand as the resluts of this product have given me better ph level and skin looks plumper and smoother not dry looking and the pores are not dehydratdid and looking wrinkled like the other brands said would give me results if snaturacy came up with a better product than this then im going to use it money well spent and the product last months not weeks im a very satisfied customer with proof that it does work give it a few weekis and you see results big time

Love this product

by Julie

on 19/09/2012

I use this product all the time, it is non greasy and makes my face feel really soft. Would definately recommend


by c kershaw

on 22/05/2012

I bought this product after reading the reviews| since turning 40 a few years ago i seem to have several little pimples on my nose. As you can imagine i was unsure about putting oil on pimples!! but surprisingly my skin has never been better i dont know how it works it just does will always use this product now

Sectret facial oil

by Linda (the Neherlands)

on 22/04/2012

Great suff! Use it often with a moisteriser and the Night concentrate by mixing 2-3 drops before applying. My skin really looks better then when using products of Estee Lauder or Clinique!!

Therapist Secret Facial Oil

by Marian H

on 19/04/2012

An excellent product. My face looks and feels great and I mix it in with my body moisturiser to give my skin an extra boost. Lovely and my skin looks and FEELS great! Strongly recommend it!

Facial Oil

by Gill

on 19/04/2012

I have used this oil for about 2 years now. My skin loves it and soaks it up in no time. This is one product I will never give up. The bottle is small but it lasts for ages. I use it morning and night.


by Sandra

on 14/04/2012

I have used just about every serum|creams and lotions on the market looking for a fantastic skin. After using this I have found thethe answer to everything. This oil is fantasti. I am 61 and I have never used a better product on my skin. People say my skin glows and looks so healthy. Thank you for this wonderful product I will now buy the whole face range.


by Dee

on 14/03/2012

I bought this after I was recommended a much more expensive oil by a therapist after my first ever facial! I was a bit dubious about using oil at all but it is fantastic. My skin feels really soft and looks hydrated| which softens the appearance of fine lines. My mum has now bought some| and she's recommending it to everyone too! I also bought the microdermabrasion scrub and hot cloth cleanser and am really impressed by the quality and results.

Can't live without it

by Niki

on 11/11/2011

After having used Decleor oils and Neals Yard for many years I was nervous about trying a new oil. I've now been devoted to this oil for 2 years and I really cannot live without it. I live in the sun and it nourishes my skin like no other as an overnight treatment and under makeup it sinks in under my moisturiser and my skin is brighter and more luminous. I also use the Hot polish and cloth and they will stay in my bathroom forever. Thank you Sanctuary!!!

simply brill!

by amanda hewitt

on 25/10/2011

I wasn't sure how this product would work for me as I have oily skin and use the deep cleansing range. However| I am a beauty therapist and know the benefits of treating like with like (oil with oil| etc.) and I can really say this works very well. I have been using it for a week in conjunction with my deep cleansing routine and it makes my skin less oily and more youthful. I love it and will never be with out it now!


by clare Bailey

on 04/09/2011

Wonderful product and well worth the money

Therapist secret facial oil

by Janette Marley

on 17/08/2011

Love this product ! Also bought on an aircraft ! Skin looks loads younger ! Am using thestop the clock moisturiser as well !! This is just the start towards buying the rest of the range

My favourite rescue oil

by Heather

on 02/07/2011

Bought this on a flight to goa early this year...what a life saver used it at end of each days excursions in the goan sun| sea and scenery is the best skin booster ever...........this has become my most favourite and it works skin product ever x

Therapist Secret Facial Oil

by Pixie

on 18/06/2011

Got addicted to this product after buying in the Spa in London. Can't live with out it this product!!!! Once you use it you and everyone notices the difference. This product is the ONE!!!!!!

Therapists Secret Facial Oil

by Tracey Stapleton

on 17/03/2011

I bought this in the plane to try. What a fantastic oil. It really does what it says. Everyone that I have recommended it to agrees that it really does help your skin plump and look younger. Can't recommend it enough.


by Lynne

on 02/02/2011

What a wonderful product. Silky smooth and beautifully fragranced. It leaves skin feeling fantastic| and the bottle will last a long| long time. Well worth the money.

My Little Secret...

by Audrea

on 26/01/2011

I LOVE this oil! I discovered it some months ago and it has been a favourite in my daily skincare. I get my eyebrows threaded which can leave the skin above my eyes dry - this oil is the only one I have come across that makes the skin feel and look better. I also mix a bit of oil with my exfoliator and my skin feels amazing after...I highly recommend it!

Excellent product for the price!

by Ness

on 12/01/2011

I like facial oil. I used to use a very very expensive and stinky one. Then I decided to try Therapist's secret facial oil and I do really love the texture and my skin after. I'm 30| and I tried it on mum who is 58 and the result is incredibly more noticeable on her face. Really pleased for the price.

amazing on combination skin

by lauren shaw

on 04/01/2011

I was given a lovely Sanctuary Spa gift set at Christmas| in the set was a sample size bottle of the Therapists Secret Facial Oil and a voucher for money off my next purchase normally I don't bother with these things but the bad weather had really dried my skin out so I gave it a go| and my my I was amazed. Not only have I had significant improvement in my skin softness| I haven't had any issues with spots or blemishes which often happens when u change your skin care routine. Quite simply I love it| and promptly went out| money off voucher in hand and got a full size bottle!! I'm delighted and my friends are jealous| fantastic!!! Thankyou Sanctuary Spa!!!!!!

Glowing skin!

by Emma Morgan

on 01/01/2011

I got a sample of this product in a gift set and the first time I used it my skin felt and looked soft| smooth and glowing! It can be used when cleansing or before putting on your makeup either way I have noticed a massive difference and will deffinately be purchasing a full sized bottle and using it every day.

incredible oil

by marion

on 31/12/2010

i bought this oil on an areoplane flight

younger looking skin

by Joan Western

on 14/11/2010

I have been using this oil for 2 weeks and my face really feels softer and more youthful looking. I am 63 and told I look younger than that but this product is so luxurious it makes me feel younger still. Will definitely use it always.

Therapists Secret Facial Oil

by Sally Wilshaw

on 31/10/2010

I cannot speak highly enough of this product. I mix a few drops with my moisturising lotion and the difference to my skin is amazing. I am the wrong side of 55 and wish I had discovered it earlier. I work in a shop and the number of compliments I have recieved have been very good for my ego.

A Hidden UK secret

by Kay-Ann Evans

on 17/08/2010

I am a recent convert to the Sanctuary product line after being advised how good it is. This product in particular has transformed my skin. It is absolutely incredible the compliments that I get on my skin and in particular when I go to spas in Canada and am told that I look likeI am in my twenty's when this year I turned 40! Yikes! So thank you. I just need to know how I can get this product in Canada. I have to buy many bottles each time I visit to ensure I have enough.

Plumping effect

by Marian

on 08/08/2010

Did receive this as a sample. My main concern is my dry forhead. After using this both day and night (for 2 weeks now)| i have noticed a difference. My forhead is not dull| dry and lined (i mean wrinkled) as before; it has in a way plumped up a little.This product is not oily at all. Though it does not have a heavenly aroma like more expensive brands in the market| it still has a slight one. It would have been better to see the approx. compostion of various oils in the product without releasing any trade secrets. I have given 4 stars now| may be 5 stars when i get the full results after buying the full size.

How to Use

1. After cleansing with either the Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser or the Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash, gently sweep a few drops of the oil over face and neck.
2. Allow to absorb completely as a radiant base for make-up or layer with a night moisturiser for a restorative night treatment.

Therapist's Tip: Suitable for all skin types, add a few drops to your moisturiser or mask for an added moisture surge and plumping effect.

Essential Oils of Frankincense - rejuvenating, balancing and relaxing. Is said to give new life to ageing skin, reputed to smooth out wrinkles. Jojoba Oil - a light, natural emollient. It is said to mimic the action of sebum, which is the skins own lubricant. Helps to moisturise the skin and therefore promotes a radiant complexion. Rose - natural calming fragrance. Rosehip Seed Oil - rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6. Is known to be a powerful skin regenerator and helps to prevent premature ageing. Is moisturising, skin smoothing, softening and protecting. Sunflower Oils - significant amounts of gamma linoleic acid – pale oil and low comedeogenic score– means that it is less likely to block pores which could lead to blemishes. Wheat Germ Oil - light natural emollient. Rich in vitamin E and is therefore protecting. It also contains essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 which makes it a very good moisturising, conditioning and restoring oil; helping to promote a healthy, radiant skin. Full Ingredients List: Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Rosa moschata seed oil, Triticum vulgare (Wheat) germ oil, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, Rosa centifolia flower extract, Boswellia carterii oil, Rosa damascena flower oil, Geraniol, Citronellol, Linalool, Limonene.