Our Story

The Sanctuary Spa was born as the ultimate act of love, opened in 1977 in Covent Garden by a man madly in-love with his ballerina wife. The Spa was a place of pure tranquillity where the ballerinas of the Royal Opera House would retreat to relax, unwind & recover.

Using luxurious formulations inspired by the spa and developed with our therapists, we launched the indulgent Sanctuary Spa bodycare range in 1988. Packed with precious oils, rich butters and our iconic fragrance we continue to evolve our collection year on year. Our spa experience allows us to be the leading brand in facial oils, commonly known as superfoods for skin and the leading indulgent bodycare brand in the UK.

Girl having a facial treatmentToday, after the closure of the spa in 2014, the Sanctuary Spa bodycare ranges are so much than beauty products, we are your very own ‘Spa in a Jar’. Expertly created to revive, uplift & replenish. So whether its 20 seconds or 30 minutes simply take a breath & enjoy your sanctuary.