Banish tiredness with Sanctuary’s simple sleep equation…

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Research by Sanctuary Spa reveals how to fall asleep and get the perfect 8 hours.

Sleep tips equation


F= Friday night
B= Hot bath
SC= Scented candle (we love our Daydream Candle)
CS= Clean sheets
17C= Room temperature
T= Use of technology for one hour beforehand
SP= Snoring partner
10.29pm = In bed by 10.29pm

sleep tips









With our survey showing we are chronically sleep deprived, Rosie Green talks about the importance of quality slumber and…. how to get it with tips for better sleep

Our new Sanctuary study shows that the average woman sleeps for just six hours forty minutes a night, which adds up to missing almost three vital weeks of body beautifying, mind boosting slumber a year.   It also reported one in eight women has not had a good night’s sleep in a year and 5 % survive on just four hours a night. But why the sleeping problems?

Our lives are busier and work is more all-consuming and stressful (a fact supported by the survey’s findings that 40% of women have their best night’s sleep on a Friday). And this plus the use of our beloved smart phones and tablets make it harder to unwind.

So why is sleep essential for our looks? ‘Too little sleep and your skin cells can’t rejuvenate’ says Nichola Joss. The tired women in the survey reported blemishes, dull skin and under eye bags.

And why is sleep essential for health and happiness? 97 % of women say good sleep boosts their feelings of wellbeing. Psychologist Linda Blair says ‘when we’re tired, our emotions flood our ability to reason, and we find it hard to be logical and to avoid mistakes – hence making us more anxious.’

Why not try adding our lovely Sleep range to your bedtime routine?

Sleep range


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  1. Caroline says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I used to work 16 and 18 hour days / nights as a Dog Handler and coffee was as important as breathing. I could survive on 4 hours but 6 hours was a luxury lie in. A drunken driver ended my life as it was and now I sleep until I’ve slept enough and it’s always 8 1/2 hours. I’m calm and relaxed and if people come to me with stress, I simply tell them that it has nothing to do with me and I’d rather not hear it. Life is much calmer this way.

  2. carol says:

    I am asking on behalf of my son who works 3 different shifts and when it comes to the night shift the next morning when going to bed he cannot get off to sleep and stay asleep

  3. JC says:

    Don’t forget to switch off all wi-fi and unneeded electricals before heading off to sleep. This is becoming a cause of sleepless nights, headaches and other symptoms for many people – it creeps up on you unawares, but only takes 5 minutes to sort out each night. Aswell as computer connections and mobile phones, remember to switch off things like cordless phones, playstations, whole house TV and radio systems – also baby monitors and pendant alarms for the elderly if not needed. Only turn things on during the day that you need to use. Try it for a week and see if you sleep or feel better. If you do, consider refusing a Smart meter when they come in.

  4. I have only slept very few hours per night since birth. Mother always said it didn’t make miserable and grumpy, I just didn’t want to sleep and would get terribly frustrated with my twin who slept all the time.I personally think sleep is a part waste if time, when there is so much living to do. As I age, and are now very suck and feel I need more sleep, as a Buddhist, I play mantras through my ear plugs, and that lulls me to sleep and plus meditation I have a comfortable sleep with very little mental and spiritual conflict despite what may be occurring in my life at any time.

  5. load of mumbo jumbo, I have suffered from insomnia most of my life ( I am 65 ) and none of your remedies work or ever will talk to anyone who suffers from insomnia, best remedy ? a good nightcap, two or three glasses of a good red wine solve my problem.

  6. Jim Millar says:

    I certainly agree about not using smartphones/ipads etc just before going to sleep. I always have disrupted sleep if I use these too late at night.

  7. Rupert says:

    I work 11-12 hr shifts – Nights – Driver up and down the M5
    I’m only getting 3-4 hrs sleep in the day.
    Please how can I better day’s sleep as I just worry about everything and becoming more Anxious .

    I need sleep

    • Conny says:

      Hi Rupert, I know exactly what you mean, I used to work nights and had a job to get more than three hours sleep during the day. The best thing I did was to have a blackout blind fitted to my bedroom window and wear earplugs to cut out any noise, and that got me between five and six hours usually, hope this helps

    • Cath says:

      I’ve tried various things. Need to do something that stops you thinking about all the things you need to do/are worrying about. I find simple lists help. Start at beginning of alphabet and go through all names of something for each letter. I am sad but cat names work for me as there are endless options. And tense/relax exercises and breathing help too. I try to do this first and then my list. I find the list gives me enough to concentrate on to keep the worries at bay. Hope it helps.

  8. Kayleigh Ho says:

    As a teacher with a 4 yr old who has to be at 5:45am for work, 8 hrs will never happen! I’d have to be in bed by 9:45. I’m only halfway through my work by then! In bed between 11:00-11:30 so about 6 hrs a night. There’s no other option- my workload as a teacher is simply too much

  9. Steve says:

    This is not Sanctuary’s sleep equation. Everybody knows that not having to worry about work the next day helps, so for a lot of people Friday is best nights sleep. A hot bath with scented candles and fresh new sheets helps, and obviously not sleeping next to a snorer is better than sleeping with a snorer. So what have you suddenly come up with to help people sleep??? Not using technology before bed and getting to bed at a reasonable time? No, we already know all that, so nothing new at all.

    • SusieQ says:

      I completely agree with Steve and others. This hasn’t told any of us anything new, so why bother claiming they have?

  10. john says:

    @rupert stop working so hard 11 12 hours per day is too much aim for 9 10 hours i drive and by time i get home im ready for sleeping a nice hot chocolate with milk before bed does the trick and a nice warm bath to wind down after a hard days work

  11. Lovely place the sanctuary – I haven’t been here for years. It’s beautiful x

  12. Margaret Goodband says:

    I love to cuddle my two dogs for a while on the sofa before going to bed and then spraying my pillow with sleep spray, I then go to sleep quickly and have a good night and feel really refreshed in the morning

  13. dippy dawg says:

    fiddlesticks. stinky candles or sticky and stinky creams are guaranteed to make me very uncomfortable. And going to bed with wet hair is a sure-proof way to get my neck nice stiff and painful the next morning.

    Go to bed after a good day’s work (and ideally some wind-down time), try not to mull too much over the problems and woes of the day. It doesn’t cure true insomnia but it’s a lot better than this tosh. And by the way beware of lit candles in the bedroom. they are a fire hazard by definition, and even when made safe they burn away your oxygen

  14. Oliver Sund says:

    I will be sure to try it as i am constantly finding myself not sleeping enough

  15. Heather Griffiths says:

    Comforting night butter is great for a good night’s sleep.I used on my arms and neck and feet snoozing in no time !