February skin fix its… five simple skin care tips to beat your skin’s winter woes

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February Skin

T.S Eliot obviously wasn’t thinking about skin when he said April was the cruelest month. The combination of icy temperatures, biting winds, low levels of sunshine, ferocious central heating and bad quality sleep surely conspire to make February the most desperate of times for our dermis.  Think dull, dehydrated and badly behaved …  Here’s a few tips how to have beautiful skin in Feb…

1) Turn the temperature dial down on your shower a notch. Hot water will strip the skin’s essential oils. Dermatologists also say limit your shower time to three minutes (this could be a step too far…).

2) Swap to a cream cleanser. I was addicted to foaming cleanser, but swapping to a cream version was a Damascus moment. My dry skin loved me for it.

3) Try an oil. Both your body and your face will benefit from these beautifying products. Brilliant at keeping skin soft, strong and supple and protecting it against the elements and irritants.

4) Invest in a humidifier. Or failing that put a saucer of water on a radiator. Both will stop the dry, centrally heated air sucking so much moisture from your skin.

5) Layer up. Sometimes moisturiser alone can’t cut it. Add a serum before it, or oil after it. Or both!

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  1. Joan says:

    I have just bought some facial exfoliator and some Illuminating Moisture Lotion, which after only one application I know Im going to love, so can I also use my usual moisturiser under this or can it be used alone ?

    • Hi Joan,
      Thanks for getting in touch! We’re so glad you’re enjoying our products. We recommend you exfoliate 2-3 times a week, followed by our Illuminating Moisture Lotion which can be used every day. The lotion will provide the moisturisation your skin needs as well as SPF protection, so you don’t need to use another moisturiser.

      Hope that answers your question!

      Sanctuary Spa Team