Your bathroom = The ultimate beauty destination

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By A List facialist Nichola Joss

Sad though it is that the Sanctuary Spa is about to close its doors, we believe there are a million plus points to creating a spa at home. You can be so much more comfortable and cocooned in your own environment, plus you don’t have to get dressed and enter the real world at the end of your treatment. You can have your choice of music, your favourite fragrance of candle and your softest pajamas all ready to climb into! Bliss.
Here are my tips for at home beautification.

1) Set the scene. This is crucial to the wellbeing element of the treatment. Get your products ready and in place. Turn down the dimmer switch, light candles, gather your towels and turn on your iPod.
2) Let every member of the family know this is your time and not to disturb you.
3) Prep by placing towels to warm on a radiator. (Tip: nourishing face masks and treatment oils benefit from being gently heated too).

Why don’t you…..?

1) Use the steam from the shower or bath to make your products penetrate better. Both face and hair masks work more effectively when warmed.
2) Put Sanctuary Spa’s 12 Hour Moisturising Shower Cream in the bath! When you climb out of the tub your skin feels ultra soft and supple

My Ultimate Pampering Products

1) Salt Scrub is my number one spa-at-home product. It has got an incredible spirit lifting fragrance as well as being brilliantly effective at delivering super smooth skin.
2) If you have time for a soak in the bath, massage a couple of drops more than usual of Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil into your skin and leave it on as an intensively nourishing mask.
3) Body Butter is another favourite. You’ll always see an amazing difference in the skin after you have used it. Apply it when the skin is slightly damp (just pat rather than rub yourself dry with a towel) and take the time to massage it into every single part of your body.

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