Summer Sleep Tips

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We all know sleep makes you happier, healthier and even slimmer. But in summer there’s a proliferation of sleep saboteurs waiting to pounce. Here we share some tips to help you get quality zzz in warmer months.

Summer sleep tips

How to get to sleep in the summer:

  1. Get cool. Swap your duvet for a lighter tog version or a sheet. Close curtains or shutters during the day to keep your room from heating up. The best temperature for sleeping is 20°C.
  2. Use the longer days to get some exercise. Contrary to traditional thinking the latest research from the US Sleep Foundation say working out close to bedtime won’t inhibit, but instead aid, you drifting off.
  3. Go over to the dark side. The BBC reports that Oxford University researchers found that quality of sleep is affected if your slumbering space is too light. Property specialist Sarah Beeny (who can’t sleep unless it is dark) recommends adding a good quality black out lining to curtains.

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