Wonder Oil Serum: Behind the Scenes at Sanctuary Spa

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Looking for your ultimate skincare must-have? Let us introduce you to the modern way to moisturise…

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5 things you need to know about Wonder Oil Serum

1. It’s a ‘bi-phase’ product made up of oil & serum – just a few shakes of the bottle blends the two phases so it’s ready to use

2. It does the job of a facial oil, serum & moisturiser, so you can slim line your skincare routine

3. It’s suitable for all skin types

4. The formulation is lightweight making it perfect for everyday use & the perfect base for make-up

5. 86% of women said their skin was instantly hydrated*

Why is Wonder Oil Serum wonderful?

“A lot of us think that by using a concoction of skin products we get all the benefits at once but in fact we are depriving our skin of essential ingredients. Simplify your regime by using one multi-tasking product like Wonder Oil Serum after cleansing.”’

 -Nichola Joss, Celebrity Facialist

Nichola Joss introduces Wonder Oil Serum & shares her expert advice on using it…

What inspired us to create Wonder Oil Serum?

“You only have to look at the reviews we get from our customers on our bestselling Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil to see that we’re not alone in our love of facial oils. Yet we know that many people are still afraid to use them, worried that it will be too heavy or greasy on their skin. It was with this thought that the idea Wonder Oil Serum was born.


We wanted to create a truly multi-functional product which captured all of the skin transforming and intense moisturising benefits of an oil but with the anti-ageing power & featherlight texture of a serum. It took many months of development to perfect the right balance between the serum and oil phases but the end result is an utter delight to use, delivers visible results and a real breakthrough innovation for the facial oils market.”

– Katie, Sanctuary Spa Product Development Team.


*Tested on 106 women in a four-week independent user study

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  1. maureen says:

    well i have tryed so many different brands, i feel so ugly .2 weeks ago i bought santuaryspa serum. and i feel some improvement but i have deep wrinkles around my mouth and jouls please ca you what of your products should i use ,or should i just give up.

  2. I purchased a bottle of this serum from boots a month or two ago and do like it…however, have now found that despite shaking the bottle up to “mix it” there are fatty looking deposits inside the bottle which do not not disappear or dissolve…..any idea why?