The health foods making you gain weight

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Even ‘virtuous’ snacks need to be eaten in moderation.

Yes, yes, almonds are way healthier a snack than a Mars Bar, but that doesn’t mean you can indulge with impunity. In Allure’s June issue Lesley Rotchford reports on the ‘health halo’ surrounding many natural foods that results in people ignoring their high calorie content.

Good nut health halo

Now we’re not saying you should start substituting your crudities for a Chupa Chup, but you just that you might want to moderate your portion size.

  • Green juice is the A list drink du jour, but can contain as many as 6 teaspoons of sugar. Don’t be tempted to supersize your cup.
  •  Nuts are loaded with fats. Good ones. But still fats. A bag from Starbucks has a whopping 401 calories. Make like Liz Hurley and have 6 at a time.
  •  Hummus. Healthy yes. But don’t consume the whole tub. There are 70 calories in just two tablespoons.
  •  A small bowl of grapes has 15 grams of sugar. Try freezing them to ensure you take more time eating your snack.
  •  Dried fruit is naturally high in sugar and calories and some manufacturers add extra sweet stuff to take away tartness. Read the back of the packet carefully.

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