Beauty myths busted!

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1) You need to drink litres of water for clear skin. Allure magazine’s latest issue references research from Melbourne University that says ‘most people will drink sufficient quantities instinctively and don’t need to strive for certain amounts.’ Dermatologists have long said it’s natural oils that keep the skin moisturized not water, so keep hydrated yes, but don’t force drink H2O.
2) You only need to wear sunscreen in summer. In his book ‘Younger’ A list dermatologist Howard Lancer says ‘you stand a good chance of looking older and damaging your skin if you fail to use sunscreen everyday. It should not be reserved for the beach!’
3) All exercise is good for the skin. Most exercise is good. As Dermatologist Howard Lancer says it ‘increases circulation which carries more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.’ Plus it ‘produces sweat which cleans the body from the inside and more natural oils are produced which keeps your skin looking healthy.’ However ‘extreme workouts produce stress hormones and create free radicals as well.’ And both of these things accelerate skin ageing.
4) Wine is good for the skin. Hurrah, red wine (note red not white) contains antioxidants, which can help counteract ageing. “A glass or two of red wine with dinner now and then is not a problem’ agrees Lancer, but remember alcohol dehydrates and makes small blood vessels dilate which over time can lead to permanent redness. In a Huffington Post piece dermatology professor Dr Krant says ‘any alcohol in excess contributes more to ageing than it protects against.’
5) Juices are great for your skin. It depends what kind of juice, but the ones with lots of sweet fruits or added sugar can trigger ‘glycation’ which harms skin cells and accelerates the ageing process.
6) The SPF in my make-up will protect me from damaging UV rays. Not so. Less strenuous rules apply to SPF levels in make-up and dermatologists say you would need to wear more foundation than Katie Price to get adequate protection. You need a sunscreen as well.
7) Pulling out grey hairs will make more appear. On trichologist Philip Kingsley says this is not true but that “the myth probably originated because when hair starts greying, each follicle containing the hair gradually ceases to form colour granules so when one grey hair is plucked, the follicle next to it is already beginning to produce a grey hair.’
8) Post facial breakouts are just toxins coming out of pores. There’s no scientific reasoning to support this and it’s more likely to be inflammation as a result of over zealous extraction or due to pores getting clogged from thick products.
9) Lips get addicted to lip balm. Again scientists say this is untrue. What you might be addicted to is how your lips feel with balm on. Or you might lick your lips more, which then dries them out, which then means you need more balm.
10) I’m going to age like my mother. Yes genetics play a part, but A list dermatologist Howard Lancer says ‘the condition of your skin stems more directly from how you treat it than from your biological programming. What you eat, your consumption of alcohol and sugar, how much you sleep, your tobacco use and the level of stress in your life’ all play a role in how you age.
11) A cold rinse makes hair shinier. Not true says trichologist Philip Kingsley. ‘Cold rinses may be invigorating but they don’t make your hair shinier or close the hair cuticle. It is conditioner that does this. A cold rinse may in fact be bad for your hair as it constricts the blood capillaries in your scalp which carry vital nutrients to each follicle.’


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