12 days of Christmas – as chosen by you!

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Thanks for telling us what makes the 12 days of Christmas so special to you!

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13th December. The Preparation.

‘I absolutely love the advent season – counting back the days to Christmas, whilst getting busy with baking, present wrapping, decorating our home and making a wreath for the door.’ Clara.

‘Christmas starts for me when I bake my Christmas cakes. The house is full of fantastic smells and it heralds the start of the magic of Christmas.’ Gini.

‘I love collecting logs from the forest to light a cosy fire and setting scented candles around the fire.’ Sophie.

‘Decorating my house, inside & outside, with festive lights.’ Vanessa.
14th December. The Tree!

‘My husband and I, along with our three daughters head off to buy our Christmas tree all together. The car ends up full of needles but the smell of that tree fills me with joy and tells me it’s really Christmas.’ Lucy.

‘The look of wonder on my son’s face when we first turn on the Christmas lights.’ Nicky.

‘Getting my grandchildren round to decorate the house and tree.’ Irene.

‘I love putting the decorations on the tree, each one has special meaning to me, some were made by my kids when they were little, some were given to me by my mom or mother-in-law (who have both passed away), some given by friends. I reflect on memories of each person who gave them to me. It makes me very happy when I do that.’ Cheryl.
15th December. Festive Films.

‘My lounge, onesie on, my wonderful husband and I watching Christmas films with wine and chocolate.’ Julie.

‘Watching Santa Claus The Movie!’ Amy.

‘Watching “Miracle on 34th Street.” Nicola.

‘Drinking hot chocolate watching a movie and eating popcorn in our jammies :-).’ Sarah.

‘Watching The Polar Express with a hot chocolate in front of the fire.’ Amanda.

‘Snuggling with my little ones watching a festive film in our matching Santa onesies!’ Olivia.
16th December. Advent Aromas.

‘Christmas smells, from fresh pine from the freshly cut Christmas tree, to cinnamon scented candles, to the smell of freshly baked Christmas pies.’ Audrey.

‘The wonderful aromas from the kitchen while my husband cooks Christmas dinner.’ Shirley.

‘I love making the cranberry sauce as the smell brings back lots of memories.’ Carol.

‘The smell of freshly baked mince pies straight from the oven.’ Alan.


17th December. Festive Shopping

‘Christmas for me is when I take a day off and walk through town, shop by shop, enjoying their decorations and buying gifts for my family and friends. Choosing something which I know they will love and cherish -to me that is precious time. The opportunity to give and show appreciation!’ Eva.

‘ Finding the perfect presents for my lovely family gives me a good feeling.’ Susan.


18th December. Pampering Time Out.

‘My sanctuary this Christmas is a Sanctuary Spa bubble bath with candles and a glass of prosecco!’Sarah.

‘Having a pamper bath in peace with a hot choccie after a long stressful work year :).’ Sarah.

‘As I’m now raising my grandchildren, I’m reliving the times when my children were small, but that hour after they are all snuggled up in bed and I get to have a nice warm bath is bliss :).’ Hazel.

‘Candle lit bath, Sanctuary Bath Relaxer, Thermal Detox face mask and a glass of wine. It’s pure heaven.’ Pip.

‘Bath…only place I can go on my own!’ Louise.

‘There’s nothing better than running a nice relaxing bubbly bath, putting the new Christmas pj’s on the radiator to warm and getting into the bath with a new book and a bar of chocolate.’ Helen.

19th December. Seasonal Outings.

‘I love the Christmas panto, seeing my granddaughter’s face mesmerized but the magic of it all.’ Helen.

‘Singing with my Community Choir in the village where I live.’ Shirley.

‘Sing-along Christmas carols at the Royal Albert Hall with my mum.’ Claire.

‘Going carol singing at the old people’s home that my nan was at.’ Kelly.

‘Christingle.’ Ruth.

‘I love going down to our local square just before Christmas, family and a few friends in tow. Such a great feeling of warmth and real community spirit.’ Carol.

‘Going to the Victorian fair, drinking mulled wine, listening to the music organ and watching my daughter and husband on the huge steam-driven carousel.’ Claire.

20th December. Wrapping And Writing.

‘Writing Christmas cards in front of the fire with carols playing; thinking of old friends :).’ Terry.

‘It would have to be the wrapping of presents for loved ones whilst listening to old fashioned Christmas songs, drinking mulled wine and nibbling on my partner’s home made mince pies!’ Amanda.
21st December. Family Occasions.

‘My favourite part of Xmas is all my family visiting and having some drinks and nibbles.’ Sharon.

‘Having the family round, with a fire lit to make the living room cosy.’ Eleri.

‘Knowing that no matter what I’ll be with my family sharing good food and some laughs.’ Claire.

‘Skype sessions with my granddaughters who live in the USA.’ Anita.

‘The feeling of relief on arriving at my sister’s house having beat the M6. One year the car had to be pushed up the final hill, but it is worth it to be with those you love at Christmas time.’ Zoe.


22nd December. Delicious Feasts

‘Feasting on mince pies and mulled wine.’ Amanda.

‘Pigs in blankets! I wait all year round to eat them again!’ Jen.

‘Steaming Christmas puddings – immensely satisfying to make and serve.’ Laura.

‘Stirring and making the Christmas cake with help of my children, then baking and decorating it together.’ Roz.

‘Baking shortbread stars and decorating them to give to friends and family as little extra gifts.’ Sharon.

‘Sitting by the fire with a hot chocolate.’ Kelly.


23rd Dec. Church Visits.

‘Love the Christingle Service. The children’s faces in the candle light brings a lump to the throat every time.’ Claire.

‘Carols by candle light at local monastery, so beautiful to listen to.’ Rosie.

‘Singing Christmas carols in my choir with all the Christmas lights on.’ Sarah.

‘The Watchnight Service in my local Church of Scotland – straight back to childhood!’ Lindsay.

‘Wells Cathedral School choir practice in the cathedral. Now that’s Xmas!’ Suzanne.


24th December. Christmas Eve Magic

‘I love Christmas eve with my four children, baking mince pies for Santa, hanging stockings over the fire, putting carrots out for the reindeers, and magic dust on the path so he can find his way to our house.’ Claire.

‘Reading “t’was the night before Christmas” with my cousins.’ Kimberly.

‘Coming home from the army to see my mum’s face light up after 6 months of not seeing her!’ Alesi.

‘Tracking Santa with my other half.’ Zowee.

‘Christmas Eve, when the shops are closed & everyone is at home, safe and welcoming in the festive season.’ Sue.

‘That peaceful moment around midnight on Christmas eve when everything is ready and it’s time to take five minutes to relax.’ Diane.

‘My bed on Christmas Eve. The hard work is done, presents are waiting under the tree and a rare quietness has settled on the world.’ Claire.
25th Love And Wonder.

‘After a long time of trying, and much heartache, it is our baby’s first Christmas. Her smile on Christmas morning is all I need!’ Elizabeth.

‘My sanctuary at Christmas is being around my loved ones spending a quiet time, nice and cosy at home, with the magic of the Christmas lights and decorations. For me is not about the food or the presents, but the spirit of what Christmas is really about – love.’ Maria.

‘Watching the look on the children’s faces when they see Santa has left a glitter trail from their bedroom door, downstairs and leading them to their presents!!’ Elizabeth.

‘Finishing work and having quality family time full of love, smiles and happiness. Nothing else matters for a few days.’ Rebecca.

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