5 ways to live longer and healthier

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We’re proud to support the Wellbeing Of Women charity, which is dedicated to improving the health of women and babies across the UK since 1964.

healthy living tips


Here are their healthy living tips for an illness free life.

1) Go With Your Gut. Get to know your own body and if your instincts tell you something is wrong visit your doctor.
2) Do It Yourself. Set a calendar reminder to give yourself a regular check over and if you notice anything unusual see your GP.
3) Wise Up. The more informed you are, the healthier you’ll be. Read the health latest advice and check out the ‘your wellbeing’ section on www.wellbeingwomen.org.uk.
4) Go To The Latest Screening. Take advantage of any health checks you are invited to.
5) Eat Well, Move Faster. Consuming a healthy, balanced, veg filled diet and getting regular exercise is a no brainer. Make them a priority as lifestyle changes really can make a difference.

And here are some of our favourite healthy living tips.

1) Reduce stress by eating an apple. This is life coach’s Charles Linden’s favourite tactic. He says if you are feeling panicky this encourages slows breathing, forces you to re focus and creates positive non-anxious sensations.

healthy living tips
2) Enforce Digital Dusk. Psychologist Linda Blair advises taking time away from your gadgets each day to improve mental health. We like the idea of phone/ipad free evenings…

healthy living tips
3) Sleep More. Studies prove that getting seven to nine hours a night helps skin health with better retention of moisture and superior damage recovery from sunburn.

healthy living tips
4) Turn Off The TV. Whilst eating anyway. Allure magazine cites a Dutch report that concludes preoccupation dulls taste perception. This means you eat more when you’re not focused on your meal. Which means you’re more likely to put on weight.

healthy living tips


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  1. I love these tips, especially digital dusk. I downloaded a sleep tracker app so that I could see how much sleep I was getting, and because it gives me a bedtime alarm. Don’t get me wrong, I still ignore it sometimes but as a runner, I feel distinct differences in my body after nine hours compared to seven hours sleep. It does make me wish that I was one of these people who can survive on six hours a night though.

  2. Alexa says:

    There are quite a few things on the second part of this list. I really need to try hard to give my eyes a break from my ipad/iphone. It would probably help me out a lot since I spend most my day on a computer.