With Love: From illustration to creation

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Especially for Mother’s day this year, we have created our stunning With Love gift in collaboration with talented & renowned Artist Frederick Wimsett.

Frederick’s bespoke hand-painted murals adorn the homes of celebrities and flagship stores of fashion designers across the globe including Kate Moss and Alice Temperley to name a few.

We chat to Frederick & Katie (our wonderful Product Development Manager) to find out how they brought With Love to life…

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How did you create the With Love gift?

Katie: When we develop a new gift, we draw on many sources of inspiration. The first step is for us to sit down as a team & talk about key trends which we think are important, as well as other aspects such as the tone, the mood & the look that we’d like to gift to convey.

Freddie: The inspiration for this Mother’s Day gift for was taken from my English cottage garden, and the ten, fun-filled days I spent there with my mother. I wanted to use the flowers from the garden that she loves.

Katie: Once we have narrowed it down to a couple of ideas, Frederick will bring some of them to life through initial paintings or sketches & we chose together which our favourite one was.

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Frederick: Together we chose purple clematis and pink peonies, with the sky blue of the peaceful pond as a background. The garden is also home to many gorgeous orange butterflies and dragonflies, & as both are symbols of renewal, they marry perfectly with the products inside.

Katie: Throughout this process, we also talk about what sort of colours we might want to use – this often entails many hours pouring over paint charts, swatches and pantone books!

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orange swatches 600x200

How long did it take you to design & create With Love?

Katie: It takes around one year to bring a gift to life….I am already working on what our Mother’s Day gift for 2016 will look and feel like! After we launch any gift, I always read all of the reviews and comments online to hear what people thought about it. If they loved it, that is great to know but equally, if there are learnings I can take to make the next gift even better, I always want to know too!



box + contents 600x350



How do you bring to life the hand painted designs for the gift?

Katie: Frederick spends many days painting the design for the box and once this is complete we have to turn a painting into a 3D gift – to do this, we scan in all of the paintings & then work very closely together to ensure that we’re placing everything exactly in the right place. We spend many hours perfecting the exact positioning of every flower and butterfly.

flower design 600x350


Which other stages of the process take the most time?

Katie: It takes a surprising amount of time to perfect the construction of the box itself; we get a plain sample made so we can see and feel the gift – how it feels to pick up, open and to check we are happy with the overall size & shape. We might do this process several times to get everything just right! It’s so important to us to make the experience of opening the gift on Mother’s Day perfect in every way.

sample box 600x350

What’s it like seeing the finished gift come off the production line & being gifted to Mums all around the UK?

Katie: It’s always a really exciting time when you see the many months of work and attention to the little details comes to life! Then, my favourite moment…when the gifts reach the stores – I never get over the moment when I see a new gift on the shelves for the first time! I always make sure I take my Mum to see it too!

Frederick: I hope that anyone who receives this gift box will feel the love that went into painting it, and feel refreshed, cared for and renewed.

Katie: I think the end result is so beautiful; you could take the lid off the box and hang it straight on your wall like a work of art!

Box lid open 600x350


Treat the woman in your life who deserves it most this Mother’s day for only £22 (was £45) until 16th March 2015.

Watch With Love & Frederick’s designs come to life…

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