Pore Perfectors: How to minimise pores

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Pores, like credit card bills, are better smaller. Here’s how to make yours diminutive with our top seven ways to minimise pores.

To understand what makes pores big, let’s start with a brief biology lesson (apologies).  A pore is a tubular passageway that allows oil from the sebaceous gland deep within the hair follicle to travel to the skin’s surface. If there is too much oil, or the oil gets trapped, then you can get a blockage at the surface (a spot or blackhead) that enlarges the look of the pore and in the long term can stretch it.  Also, and this is depressing, the older you get, the more the skin slackens around your pores, making them look bigger.  Hmm.

But fret not.  Here are seven ways to minimise pores…

minimise pores

1)     Oily skins benefit from a face cleanser or toner containing willow bark extract (salicylic acid) which de-clogs pores.  We like Sanctuary Spa Pore Refining Toner, £9, because it doesn’t dry your skin (which would make the skin produce more oil which would lead to more pore clogging).

2)     Chill out.  Stress hormones lead to increased oil production, which leads to, yes you’ve guessed it, blocked pores.

3)     Double cleanse your skin after wearing a sweat or water resistant sunscreen to help minimise pores. Dermatologists say it can leave behind a hard-to-shift, skin-aggravating residue.

4)     Retinol based products will help in two ways.  First to loosen any oil plugs blocking pores, and secondly to help boost collagen production, making the skin surrounding pores tighter.  Try Sanctuary Spa Blemish Serum, £10.

5)     Rethinking your hair products can help minimise pores.  Some, especially ones for afro hair, manage to migrate to the face and cause serious pore clogging problems.

6)     Exfoliation is key to minimizing pores appearance as it removes debris on the skin’s surface. Try Sanctuary Spa Leave-on Exfoliating Cream, £14.

7)     Beware of shimmery products as they highlight pores.  Instead use a pore-blurring foundation or BB cream.

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  1. Lillian Dowling says:

    Deep Cleanse Facial Range?? Have you stopped producing this range?? I use to by it in bulk?? Running out?? Please advise?? I use the Pore Refining Toner, Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash & Exfoliating Pore Refiner. I really miss your Spa, what a shame it had to close.