Are you suffering from trans-seasonal skin?

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There’s lots of fashion advice dedicated to trans-seasonal dressing – how to navigate the sudden change in temperatures that require a bobble hat in the morning and a t-shirt in the afternoon.  Annoyingly there’s less written about skin.  But we all know the redness, irritation, shininess and dryness that can come with a fluctuating weather.

Here’s how to keep spring skin on track in 3 steps

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1)  Listen to your skin.  Be prepared to adapt your regime if it feels tight, oily or has a breakout. Add in a serum or subtract a heavy cream.  Be flexible!

2)  Change your cleanser.  Colder weather generally means drier skin so a cream cleanser can be kinder. Alternatively warmer days can melt the oil in your pores making it look shiner – so switch to a foaming cleanser.

3)  Re-think exfoliation.  In colder weather skin’s barrier (the outer layer that stops water escaping from within and external nasties penetrating) is weaker, so keep exfoliation ultra gentle (try Sanctuary Spa’s Exfoliating Cream).  In warmer weather you can supercharge exfoliation with a cloth or brush, both of which are brilliant at clearing the surface of pore clogging debris.

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