2015 Beauty Saboteurs (& how to counteract them!)

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Every decade throws up its own skin challenges, from the open fire induced chilblains of the 50’s, to the sun damage of the 80’s package holiday boom. But in 2015 it’s the online onslaught that’s the biggest threat to your looks.

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Tech Neck

What is it? The Telegraph defines this as the exaggerated crease in the neck found on 18-39 year olds who look at their screens up to 150 times a day.

How can you prevent it? Limit your screen time. Swap working on a laptop for a raised monitor. And moisturise regularly, as dehydration exacerbates wrinkles.

Phone Induced Acne

What is it? When your city grime covered fingers tap your screen invisible bacteria builds up. Then when you press your cheek against your phone to make a call, this bacterium can trigger a breakout.

How Can You Prevent It? Use earphones. Clean your screen regularly with specialized wipes (Wilko do them for £1.50). Cleanse skin with a fruit acid based cleanser (like our Fresh Faced Purifying Wash) which will keep pores clear of dirt and debris.

Screen-EyesNocturnal networking

What is it? CVS or computer vision syndrome isn’t one specific problem, but a whole range of eyestrain, irritation and pain experienced by computer users. Webmd.com reports screens require a lot of effort from the eye muscles, much more challenging than reading a book or a piece of paper. And it gets harder as we get older.

How Can You Prevent It? Cut the glare by adjusting surrounding lighting. Take a break every twenty minutes. Make sure your computer monitor is just below eye level.


Digi Skin

What is it? Each time our phone bleeps or we see an e-mail come through there is surge of stress chemicals that make your skin think it is under attack. This disturbs skin barrier function, which fast forwards ageing and increases the likelihood of breakouts.

How Can You Prevent It? Set aside a time to answer e-mails just once or twice a day, then turn off them off. Enforce a digital dusk (i.e. turn off devices in the evening). Try meditation (we like Headspace.com’s Take 10 app).

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