Why finding ‘pure joy’ is essential for your wellbeing

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How often do you spend time doing something that you really want to do? It is so easy to forget about ourselves in this busy day and age when children, family and career comes before our own needs. So many women I know struggle with feeling guilty when they spend time doing something they love in place of other more mundane tasks like cleaning!

Many of us have lost touch with that sense of pure joy in our lives. But what does ‘pure joy’ even mean? Of course we will feel pure joy spending time with our children and the people we love, but this goes deeper and is about spending time doing those things that feel completely blissful to you.

pure joy

Here are some ideas:

  • Getting back into a long forgotten hobby
  • A bubble bath
  • An adult colouring book
  • Going for a coffee
  • Taking a yoga class
  • Going out for a walk in nature by yourself.
  • It might even be sitting doing absolutely nothing with only Netflix for company!

Spending some time doing something that really brings you joy will release stress, improve emotional wellbeing or boredom eating and support good hormonal balance. Quite simply spending more time immersed in your own joy will make you better in all the other areas of your life.

But how do you fit it in to your already busy week? It can be hard to prioritise that me time, but focusing on the  wellbeingbenefits and how good you’ll feel because of it can help. Look at how you currently spend your time, is there any time being wasted sitting on Facebook or watching TV shows? Perhaps you could spend that time on your pure joy project!

Trying writing a list right now of some things that bring you joy and make a date with yourself to enjoy them!

Laura Agar Wilson



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