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One woman confesses she’s become a compulsive doer

Hi my name is Rosie Green and I’m addicted to being busy. I’m typing this in the back seat of my car whilst my son is doing a sporting activity, because I can’t waste a single moment.  People walking past must think (rightly) I am one boiled egg short of a picnic, but I feel chuffed that I am maximizing my time. Am I being admirably efficient or am in danger of losing the plot?


Busy.  Busy.  Busy. I am so busy I often put off going to the loo.  Forget to eat (this is rarer).  If I am ‘watching’ the TV I am actually Googling radiators. If a friend comes round for a cup of tea I try and find an activity I can do at the same time (defrosting the freezer…?). I am only really comfortable with myself if I am busy.  I don’t think I ever walk anywhere without fitting in a call, don’t lounge by the pool without reading an improving book, don’t hang out with the kids without attempting to extend their vocab.

Somewhere along the line, for me, busy = successful, desirable, necessary.

But truth is I am not Barack Obama.  The world won’t fall apart if I don’t respond to an e-mail straight away, or clear the living room floor from clutter.

And whilst I am being ‘busy’ I am missing life. I’m often so busy photographing things, I’m not really experiencing them.  That big garden I worked so hard for is never sat in because I am too busy obsessing on my next project. My busy texting hands unavailable when my daughter reaches for them.

So I’m recalibrating my priorities. I’ve decided that enjoying what you’ve got is successful.  Being happy is successful. Being available for handholding is successful…


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  1. Evie says:

    I’m the same way…but if I don’t do it nobody else will!
    Yesterday I reminded my husband that he retired from his job not life! Why does he expect me to take care of everything?
    His answer was because I do it so well- I always took that as a compliment and felt so efficient and accomplished…I could do it all! but realized the joke was on me…he didn’t have to be responsible for any thing at home…I created this monster! Lol