How to simplify & declutter your life

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These days it’s so easy to become overwhelmed. With work and family commitments, trying to fit in some time for you can feel like a squeeze. Life can fill up with ‘clutter’ just like that kitchen drawer packed with unfiled paperwork.

Simplifying your life can be like de-cluttering that drawer. Getting rid of the things you don’t need but which take up space, leave room for the things you do need and want.

Here are some ideas for simplifying big areas of your life.declutter your life

Have a rotatable meal plan

Meal planning is an excellent way to ensure you and you’re family are eating well and reducing waste. However, having to think up new meal ideas each week can become difficult, so try out using a 2 or a 4 week meal plan which you rotate. It will save you loads of time having to come up with new ideas and it can easily be tweaked according to the seasons.


Capsule your wardrobe

This is something I am going to try for the autumn / winter season. How many clothes do you have hanging in your wardrobe taking up space that either don’t fit you right or you just don’t love? Try a radical wardrobe detox and eBay or donate unwanted items. Think about how you spend your time and the clothes you wear the most and tailor your capsule wardrobe to that. Aim for no more than 40 items and you’ll be set! Getting dressed each day will be so much easier with a wardrobe of clothes you know you fit into and love!


Streamline your online life

We all spend so much time online, it makes sense to streamline it as much as possible so we aren’t just seeing ‘stuff’ all of the time. Try unsubscribing from emails that aren’t relevant or interesting, cull your Instagram or Facebook account so you only follow the accounts you really love or need to, leave Facebook groups that aren’t helpful and tidy up your desktop, hard drive or wherever you store your files.


If you aren’t sure where to start with simplifying, think about the bigger areas of your life where you spend most time and start with there, as they will have the biggest impact. Then be sure to enjoy the extra head space and time for yourself!

Laura Agar Wilson


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