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I was having a browse through Pinterest this morning – as I often do when I’m seeking some inspiration – and I came across this gorgeous quote.

I think it so perfectly sums up so many of us, and perhaps us parents especially.

Busy households and jobs and ‘stuff’ leave little time for self reflection, or just being allowed to be sick or tired or grumpy in peace.

Some might say that’s a good thing.

I say a little wallowing never hurt anyone, every now and again. 🙂


I think we live now in a society where we are called to compassion every day.

We read the news in one hundred different ways – on TV, in papers, on blogs, social media.

We are shocked and moved by it and emotions are stirred.

We see adverts for charities in between kids TV programmes, walk past collectors in the street, receive phone calls and e-mails from fund sourcers.

The plight seems to go on and on, and our heart strings are tugged.

We hear devastating news from our own little circles, or are simply shoulders to cry on for our nearest and dearest.

As we absolutely should be.

We pick up our littles when they fall, cuddle and kiss, try to mend the hurts that can’t be seen, feel their every struggle. And, let’s face it, these ones may as well be our own too.




And a heart, no matter how strong, or positive, or buoyant, can falter under the weight of that.

Perhaps this year, as we vouch to be kinder to each other; to listen with full intent and help others where we can, to donate more and waste less, to be more hands on as parents and step away from the phones and laptops –

Perhaps this year we’ll be a little kinder to ourselves too.

Eat well, sleep, attend those medical check-ups that we keep putting off. Make time to read and talk and walk and take those big, gulping breaths of fresh air. Laugh, with such force that our tummy muscles hurt a little. Hug lots. Dance and sing ‘Let it Go’ at every opportunity (this might just be in our house, but I suspect not).

Have a bath. With the nice, fancy bath stuff that we keep for special occasions, rather than the purple Johnson’s baby bath that occupies 97% of the bathroom cabinet.

Go to the loo and close the flipping door – no major harm can come to a child in the space of time it takes to have a pee. (Although don’t quote me on that!)

Take a moment every now and again to focus on how well we’re doing at this life thing. Introspection should be positive as well as for learning, shouldn’t it?

And I’m telling you – you are winning at work, and parenting, and meal planning and even at helping with the 8 times tables (hate those ones!) much, much more than you give yourself credit for.


So, compassion –

‘The emotion that one feels in response to the suffering of others, that motivates a desire to help’

Today, in the whirl of all the weights we carry, all the struggles we face – whether they be massive ones or tiny, everyday ones, will we take a moment to help ourselves a little? To take a breath?

I will try, if you will too.

E x

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