How freezer food saved my sanity

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When I first found out I was pregnant with twins, we went on a special “how to survive having more than one baby at once” antenatal course (that may not have been the exact name, but you get the idea!). One of the questions they asked us, was what we absolutely needed in our life to stay sane when under pressure. Some people said, to be able to go for a walk, some people said a bit of time on their own, me? I said, home cooked food.

freezer meals

I knew that when I had my arms full of those precious little bundles, I would get through the no sleep and I’d learn to change a nappy (or two..) but if I had to live on takeaways I’d go loopy. We’ve all got our stress points haven’t we? And food is mine.skinng-chicken-tikka

So, I hatched a plan. I would fill the freezer with enough meals to keep us going. It was my kind of nesting. And oh when I was up to my elbows in bottles and babies we were so grateful for those meals. We lived out of that freezer for about 6 months and it helped me so much.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I still do this now. When I have a quiet week or a spare few hours, I make a giant batch of something or other to stock up the freezer. It means that when we have busy days or I’m exhausted, I don’t need to be SuperMum when all I want to do is put my feet up with a cuppa. I just root around in the freezer and hurrah!

Some of my dear pals chuckle at my freezer filling and label me a domestic goddess. The truth though is, it just lets me be lazy when I need to be. Now, who can argue that that’s not a good thing?!

Here are my top tips for stocking your freezer:-

  1. Invest in some disposable takeaway type tubs, there are heaps on Amazon or eBay and they are great for keeping portions neatly.
  2. I mostly tend to freeze in single portions, that way I can always get out the exact servings I need.
  3. Buy a Sharpie pen to label the tubs.
  4. Make sure you label them with what’s inside, the date you made it and how many portions it contains (we have suffered with unidentified frozen objects before!).


I hope those tips are useful, what’s your favourite freezer filler?

Here are a couple of recipes from my blog that freeze really well:-

1 smaller

Beef Stifado –

Chicken Tikka Masala –

Greek Style Pork –


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