This week we’re… Colouring In!

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Adult colouring books are all the rage at the moment (can you believe they have their own bookcase in our local Waterstones?) so in the spirit of finding new ways to #LetGo, Team Sanctuary have been putting them to the test.

Here’s what we thought…IMG_20151005_212825 smaller

My entire family laughed at me when I took my colouring book with me on a family weekend trip away…

 “You look like you did when you were 6” said my Dad.

“What are you getting out of this?” said my Husband.

“You look ridiculous!”  said my Sister.

But, I was so happy – just sitting there, minding my own business…

I loved Art at school & I’m so lucky to still have lots of creativity in my job but I haven’t touched a colouring book since childhood. Rediscovering the simple pleasure of creating something pretty with the most difficult decision being “What colour do I choose next?” was just so relaxing and for me, the perfect way to unwind



I love my colouring book, it’s become my best friend since the rugby world cup started and I lost my boyfriend! Although I need to invest in some better felt tips with more variety as my Enchanted Forest Book seems to be red, green or blue. My book even came with a free set of felt tips!47fc4a15e86a3bbae39e60fb5baef59f


Take a look at the Enchanted Forest Colouring Book



I think I was the only real sceptic about all this colouring lark, how can you not feel like a kid taking a colouring book to the till in Waterstones? I felt like pointing out to the cashier that it does say ‘For Grown-Ups’ on it!  

Having said that, when I got home (after blessing Waterstones for having opaque carrier bags to hide it from the prying eyes of other- silently judging- commuters) I did enjoy it but I’m forever in fear of going outside the lines. I’ve already moved on to my new favourite child-like hobby – jigsaws!




I used to love colouring as a kid so I am completely in my element with mine now. I’d colour all day if I could! Sometimes I go over the lines, just because I can… I’ve found my inner colouring rebel!61YQyH3a0VL

The Creative Therapy edition is my first of what I feel will be many books on my new found colouring journey.


 Take a look at the Creative Therapy Colouring Book




I really wanted to try and be on my phone less in the evenings, but that’s harder than you think! So I decided I needed something to replace my phone. I loved colouring in when I was young so thought I would give it a go and I absolutely love it! It’s so satisfying when you have finished. My top tip would be don’t buy the cheapest pencils, scratchy and colourless pencils are frustrating not calming!61jzRKCgRFL


Take a look at the Dream Catcher Colouring Book


My wonderful Momma bought me my colouring book on a recent visit back to our family home. As soon as I picked up the brightest pink pencil I could find in the pack & touched the page I went back to the 90’s!

Listening to the Spice Girls, surrounded by Barbies, fighting with my Brothers & colouring to my heart’s content…. those were the days…no work, no worries, no boys! Thanks Mum!



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