How to deal with burn out

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Last night, my 13 month old woke up every hour. He also did that the night before, and the night before that. I’m also currently in the middle of moving out of our flat and in with my parents while we finalise a new house sale, and I have some massive work projects going on.

Feeling burned out is an understatement.

When I find myself in this situation I start craving sugar and excessive caffeine, I get cranky, my usual healthy eating and exercise routines start to slip, and all forms of self care go out of the window.

My first step in dealing with the burnout is forgiveness. Forgiveness, of myself for feeling the way I do. Life happens, and stressful situations are going to get on top of you. The difference is how quickly you recognise that it’s happening, and then how you then handle it!

Once I’ve recognised I’m burned out, I start to deal. Here’s how…

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Have a brain spill

I get out my note book and just write everything that’s in my head about what needs to be done. Then I form the scribbles into lists, and then I prioritise the actions into bite-size pieces that don’t trigger more overwhelm.

Ask for help

This is a hard one for me, as I’m sure it can be for you too. Aren’t we all supposed to be super women these days? But asking for help when you need it isn’t weakness, it’s a smart move. I ask my husband for help around the home and for my mother to baby sit for a few hours so we can catch up on sleep.

Make a commitment to eating well a day at a time

I know how rubbish poor eating makes me feel, especially when I’m sleep deprived, but the idea of getting ‘back on the wagon’ can feel like too much. Instead, I just make the commitment to eat well one day at a time. That feels so much more manageable. I focus on what I can have, rather than what I shouldn’t so I can crowd out the less healthy stuff. Lots of water, green tea, protein rich foods and vegetables help increase my energy.

Ramp up the supplements

I know that my immune system takes a bashing when I’m burned out and getting ill is the last thing you need, so I supplement. My go to is an effervescent multivitamin tablet in water in addition to my usual fish oil and vitamin D, as well as drinking a dash of apple cider vinegar in water each morning.

Find 10 minutes

Someone once said ‘if you can’t find 10 minutes, you don’t have a life’. That sentence really stuck with me, and reminded me that in most situations, you can find 10 minutes for yourself. I use that 10 minutes in different ways. It might be taking a walk, doing yoga, making a cup of tea, calling a friend, colouring in my adult colouring book, anything that makes me feel good and calm for those 10 minutes.

Usually, once I’ve done those things I start to feel better, more able to cope and the burned out feeling subsides.

Remember, it’s ok to just let go sometimes, ask for help and make yourself a priority.


Laura Agar Wilson




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  1. Trina Hardiman says:

    Thanks for this Laura, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Work from where you are in life, rather than where you think you should be, work with what you’ve got and focus on the positives! Best of luck with all your projects. xx