5 Tricks to Stay Sane in the Kitchen Over the Festive Season

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Christmas Cooking Tips

1. Buy disposable baking trays for the big day. Wilko and Tesco have lots of these and they are so worth the money, they are just brilliant. Cook Christmas lunch and throw away, no washing up. I’m not normally keen on waste like that, but one day a year, it really helps to save your sanity.

 2. One of my favourite tips if you’re cooking Christmas lunch (I think it originally came from Queen Nigella) is to cook your roast potatoes in advance. So, on Christmas Eve, I will par-boil them, and roast them for about 45 minutes until they are almost cooked. I’ll then let them cool and pop them in the fridge, covered, until the next day.

 Then, when your oven is full of turkey and super busy, they only take about 20 minutes to finish off in the oven. This is so useful when juggling oven space!

 3. Prepare as much as you can in advance, so as well as the roast potatoes on Christmas Eve, I make slow cooked red cabbage and freeze it weeks in advance. I’ll also make a dessert for Christmas lunch well in advance and freeze it. This doesn’t always go quite to plan as December is so busy, but I aim to at least get a few things ready, it really does help.

 4. Okay, bear with me here, you’ll think I’m crazy… When you empty the bin next time, put not 1 but 3 bin liners back in it, inside each other. That way, when you’re in the midst of kitchen craziness on the big day, you can just whip out the full bag and there’s already a fresh one in there ready to go, saving you a job just when you need it. (Honestly, try it!)

 5. But above all, remember that Christmas is about family, friends and being together. No one cares if you forget the peas or if the gravy isn’t perfect. Whatever you’re doing, but especially if you’re cooking, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Find a moment to sit down, #LetGo and enjoy the day.

Happy Christmas!

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