De-stress Your Christmas Day.. by Rosie Green

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I’d love to be one of those people for whom Christmas is a breeze, but sadly I am not. I am always the one who, at 6pm on Christmas Eve, is frantically buying the weird variation of brandy butter and ten emergency forks, whilst speed dialling John Lewis because it turns out the put-you-up-bed is mouldier than the Stilton.

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That said, in my forty-one long years, I have devised 5 Christmas day rules that considerably increase enjoyment and decrease frazzle factor.

  • Accept help. It’s almost an automatic response when people say ‘what can I bring?’ to say ‘just yourselves.’  Don’t do it. Ask them to bring the pudding, or some canapés or their own towels.  A small task for them – a huge difference to you.
  • Decide what’s essential (turkey) and what isn’t (fairy lights in your bay trees or a posy of flowers by every bedside).
  • Assign jobs. Put someone on chopping carrots, someone else on pouring wine, another on handing round chocolates (I’d advise against allocating anyone under 10 this particular task).
  • Eat later. As chief cook and bottle washer I resent it if I’ve spent all of Christmas day in the kitchen.  If our main meal is at 6pm, then we can squeeze a daylight walk in and I feel MUCH better.
  • Yes the plates will be cold, no the pudding will not catch fire and yes you’ll smash something, but don’t sweat the small stuff. Look around your clan and be thankful.  And if that fails.. drink wine.

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