Rosie Green on banishing wipes & demystifying Micellar Water

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Micellar Water – The hottest, easiest new way to cleanse?  Or money down the drain (literally).  Beauty editor Rosie Green on why you should splash out.

Cleansing. Essential, but annoying if it requires too much thought/expenditure right?

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Well maybe. But we all know we should do it (our mother’s told us).  And it makes sense that removing the bacteria/make-up that clogs pores will stop breakouts and allow our hydrating, nourishing, luminizing masks, oils and moisturisers to do their job better.  Plus removing those complexion damaging pollution particles that sit on the skin will make it stronger and younger looking.  Fact.

Still.  Boring.

Except not really.  The past couple of years have seen a cleansing explosion and a wave of new products that not only have incredible feel good textures and fragrances, but also active ingredients that will optimize every type of skin.

Now there’s another cleansing option, which is low on effort, high on results. Micellar water.  I LOVE it.  The new versions are infused with ingredients like rosewater and nourishing oils. Joy.  Ous.

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But really how much can the watery stuff do?  Can it remove stubborn make-up?  Can it swipe away pollution?  Will it leave my skin comfortable and clean feeling, rather than irritated or coated in a sticky film? Yes, yes and yes.

I also love it because, despite my job, I can be a skincare sloth and it is super easy. If I haven’t got the time, or a clean face cloth, I use micellar water.  It also doesn’t require a sink space (always at a premium in our house).

I now have added it to my cleansing wardrobe (I’m aware how that sounds, hear me out).  It has neatly replaced wipes. They were my go to for dog-tired evenings, but guilt inducingly wasteful and, truth be told, a bit irritating.

So now, thanks to micellar water, I have a clean skin and a clear conscience. Hurrah.

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