Healthy living hacks for busy women

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Life is full nowadays, there’s not a woman I meet who wouldn’t describe her life as ‘busy’. Between full time or part time jobs, running a household, taking care of kids and partners, finding time to take care of you can take a back seat.

Before I get on to some awesome healthy living hacks, let’s get real about being busy. Someone once said to me, if you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life. How true those words are! If you look at your life and you really can’t see where you could have 10 minutes out, that’s an alarm bell to signal something isn’t working and that you could be on your way to burnout.

Sometimes it’s just that we don’t fully appreciate how we’re spending our time. Scrolling through pointless updates on Facebook can turn from 2-3 minutes into an hour before you know it! Does watching Emmerdale really enhance your life?  Get real and honest with yourself about how and why you’re spending your time as you are.

Once you’ve done that, there are some excellent ways to hack your healthy habits to make them take less time and flow into your life…

Make up smoothie packs

Put some frozen spinach and frozen fruit into a zip lock bag and store in the freezer. Just dump the contents into your blender in the morning, add almond milk and there’s your green smoothie!

Workout harder, not longer

Instead of trying to spend an hour at the gym, workout harder for half the time. Try a high intensity interval workout that is proven to burn more calories in less time than working out for longer at a steady pace.treadmill pic jumbo

Meditate in 5 minutes

You don’t need to meditate for ages to reap the benefits, just 5 minutes can do a good job. Check out some of the many smart phone apps that offer short guided meditations to get started.

Use a slow cooker

If you haven’t already tried a slow cooker, get one! They’re so many recipes you can just pop straight in before work and then be welcomed home to a delicious healthy home cooked meal, with next to zero time or effort.

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Double up your self care practices

When you do get that precious self care time, double up on what you enjoy. For example, catch up with your favourite TV show on Netflix while letting a face mask do its work.  My personal favourite is reading in the bath.

Try and think about which hacks will have the biggest impact on your life, so even if you can only make a couple of changes, you’re going to see the benefits.

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