Recipes to use up Easter chocolate

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Oh how I love Easter, family time and yummy food without any of the pressures of Christmas. There’s also a whiff of Spring in the air and the chocolate, OH THE CHOCOLATE!

We had a wonderful Easter break, full of all of the good things of the season, but now I have to admit, if I see another chocolate bunny I may come over a little queasy. The house has been overtaken by Easter eggs and something needs to be done about it.

So, this weekend, I’m planning on some baking fun with the kids to make the most of all of these sweeties. We’ll bake something lush and deliver it to some friends and neighbours. Everyone wins!

Here are some ideas for how to use up your Easter chocolate if you’re in the same boat as us.

If you’d still got piles of Creme Eggs, how about this Creme Egg Bundt Cake recipe from Supper in the Suburbs? A show stopper whether it’s Easter or not.

creme egg bundt cake

Read the recipe here:


Fed up with the sight of the eggs? If you fancy melting it down into a totally new and wonderful creation, Becca’s Salted Chocolate Pot with Caramel Sauce is making my mouth water just looking at the photos.

Salted Chocolate Pot with Caramel Sauce

Read the recipe here:


These stunning brownies from Supergolden Bakes are worth hunting down a last few Creme Eggs for aren’t they?

Chocolate brownies with mini creme eggs and yellow icing - Creme Egg Brownies

Read the recipe here:


In case you were the lucky recipient of Malteasers over Easter, how about creating this Double Chocolate Malteaser Traybake from Jo’s Kitchen?

Double chocolate malteaser traybake

Read the recipe here:


These absolutely beautiful tarts are going on my ‘to be baked’ list for next Easter, they are so pretty. In the meantime, they are a perfect treat to use up some of the left over chocolates this year.

easter egg tarts

Read the recipe here:


These Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cupcakes with a Mini Egg Blizzard Frosting would be so much fun to make with little ones. Easy but really impressive looking, I love the idea of a Mini Egg blizzard don’t you?!

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cupcakes with a Mini Egg Blizzard Frosting

Read the recipe here:


A classic biscuit no bake treat, this Easter Fridge Cake is a great way of creating something from all of the Easter chocolate, in candy shells or for melting down. Perfect to empty the biscuit barrel too!

Easter no bake fridge cake

Read the recipe here:


Oh how I LOVE a chewy cookie, this quick, no faff recipe for Homemade Millies Cookies would be a perfect way of putting delicious chunks of chocolate to great use.


Read the recipe here:


What’s better than chocolate? Ice cream with chocolate in it of course! This Leftover Easter Egg Ice Cream is a super idea for creating a really delicious dessert from the chocolate in the house.

Leftover Easter Egg Chocolate Ice Cream

Read the recipe here:

We’d love to know what you’re doing with all of your Easter chocolate, or has it all gone?

Sarah x

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