How to have a fad free confident summer

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What is it about summer and the prospect of bearing a little more flesh than usual that get’s us all so worked up? As soon as the sun starts shining many of us feel a pressure to start working on that ‘bikini body’ we’re all told we need to dare to bear on the beach.

For most of us, we just aren’t going to achieve that unrealistic ideal, even with all of the detoxes and diets that get thrown at us this time of year.

Instead of getting stressed out about your body this summer, why not try these simple, achievable tips for feeling confident instead.


Eat well, without extremes

Instead of detoxing, just eat real food in the right amounts most of the time. I know that makes a complicated thing sound incredibly simple, but that’s what it comes down to. Eat lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grains and good quality meat, fish and dairy. Treat yourself when you fancy it (if it helps, put a limit on it such as twice a week), and enjoy that treat without guilt.


Drinking more water and less caffeine and alcohol is going to help with any bloating not to mention improving your skin tone, drink up! As well as putting the right stuff into your body now is a great time to step up your skincare routine. Dry skin brushing and exfoliating will remove old dull skin cells and moisturising with a body butter or oil will rehydrate it.

Strength train

If you’re not doing some kind of weight baring exercise now is the time to start! Lifting weights (even dumbbells in your front room!) or doing body weight exercises will give you a huge confidence boost, just wait until you see the added muscle definition!

Treat your self!

A fake tan and mani pedi can work wonders for your confidence! Personally I don’t mind being pale, but I still love that feeling when I have a natural looking glow, not to mention neat and colourful nails.


Get the right swim suit

We are lucky that nowadays there’s a lot of choice when it comes to style of bikinis and swimsuits, there’s something to suit all of us. Try on some different styles until you feel your best. I love low cut leg vintage style designs for my curvy body.

Ultimately remember that all you need to have for a bikini body is a bikini and a body, that’s it! I hope some of these ideas will help you enjoy a confident summer.

Laura Agar Wilson


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