The Beauty of Just Being

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Nowadays it’s so easy to feel like you’re always having to strive for something new, whether that’s changing how your body looks, losing weight, trying to achieve more in your career, doing more with your kids, trying to make your house look better, it can be a very long list indeed!

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Trying to improve yourself is a brilliant thing, but often that kind of constant striving to change something about yourself or your life can get really tiring and end up negating the whole effect! You find yourself caught up in this constant battle of trying to reach a new goal or trying to change something rather than just actually being.

It’s hard for women in this day and age, because everywhere we see adverts or images that suggest that we should be losing weight, that we should be changing our bodies to look more in line with what is the socially acceptable display of beauty these days or, we should all have these Instagram worthy homes and families.

Social media really doesn’t help, because we have that kind of comparisonitis issue, where we just compare ourselves with everyone online, forgetting that they’re only showing the best bits and not the real life messiness of the dirty laundry waiting to be done and the house that hasn’t been cleaned for two weeks or the dinner that their child has just thrown on the floor after they’ve spent an hour making it.

Against all of the striving, there’s a quiet power that comes with accepting that sometimes you just need to be, as you are, right now.

I’m a big believer that life comes in ebbs and flows and yes, sometimes it is going to be one of those times in your life where you do need to push through and strive to make some changes. Ultimately that’s how we all grow and how we develop, but at the same time, if we don’t stop and give ourselves time to just enjoy the now enjoy being, then it becomes about the struggle and not living an enjoyable life. If enjoyment isn’t high on your agenda, then maybe it’s a sign to make some changes?

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Here are a few tips on how you can start to just enjoy being:

Ditch anything that affects you negatively

This might mean having a social media cleanse where you unfollow anyone who posts things that make you feel bad. Not getting the magazines that make you feel bad about your body and ditching anything that drags you into the diet culture.

Switch up your mindset

Rather than ‘dieting’ just eat healthily and enjoy a few treats! Accepting your body as it is right now can be hard (believe me I know!) but that self acceptance and love makes eating well easier. You start seeing it as an act of self care, rather than a diet which is very much about striving temporarily towards some goal that let’s face it, not many of us can maintain.

Practise gratitude for what you have now

When it comes to other goals in your life, a good tip is to practice some gratitude for what you have now. Just before you go to bed, think of three different things that you were grateful for in that day can be really effective. In fact, it’s good to appreciate some of the more mundane things in your life, the most basic things can connect us back to just being in a really simple way.

Look at how you spend your time

Look at your calendar and your diary and see where there are appointments or other things that are taking up time that are part of that push to strive for something else. Can you take those out and perhaps replace them with things that are more in line with relaxing and just being content in this phase of life?

I hope some of those tips are helpful. I’d love for you to think about how often you’re able to just enjoy ‘being’, and hopefully, to add much more of it into your life.

Laura Agar Wilson

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