5 reasons why you should rev-oil-utionise your skincare routine

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Here are our top 5 reasons why you should rev-oil-utionise your skincare routine along with some tips from Nichola Joss, Sanctuary Skincare Expert and facial oil obsessive.

1. You see instant results

Anyone who tries a facial oil for the first time will see serious benefits immediately. Oils have a smaller molecular structure than traditional moisturisers which means they can sink right into the skin, leaving it silky soft and smooth with no residue. Packed with ingredients like antioxidants, fatty acids and skin boosting lipids, oils naturally protect your skin’s future look and feel.

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2. Two drops of oil is as effective as a day cream 5 times the price*

Our skincare superfood, Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil has undergone clinical tests which proves that two drops of our oil is as effective as a luxury day cream more than five times the price. *Independent clinical moisturisation study on 20 women. 

3. Oils have a gorgeous texture 

How a product feels when you put it on your skin is important. If you don’t love it, you’re unlikely to use it. Oils have a skin comforting texture. They are also perfectly suited for facial massages. Nichola Joss says “Which oil texture you end up loving will depend on your skin type. Slightly heavier feeling oils are great for those of us with dry skin types that need an intense boost of hydration. Instantly absorbing, lighter oils tend to work well for people with oilier skin or those who want to feel like they’re not wearing anything”.

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4. They’re seriously multipurpose

Nichola Joss advises, “You can be experimental and get mixing. Add a few drops of facial oil into your moisturiser or hand cream to amp up the hydration. You can even mix an oil with a face mask, using a clean foundation brush to thoroughly mix and apply to the skin.”
Another tip Nichola suggests is to “Try applying a facial oil directly after a hot shower onto damp skin – the steam will open pores and the added moisture will lock in hydration for longer. Make sure to cleanse and tone before showering.”
Face oils are also great for providing make-up retouches. Instead of adding more make-up, with just a tiny drop of oil, you can revive the makeup you’ve already got on. Nichola says, “A little dab onto eyebrows to keep strays in place, a touch of oil onto the lips for a glossy, sexy pout or a light pinch over the cheeks, can give makeup a dewy-fresh result. Avoid the T-zone and matte down this area with a tissue beforehand.”

5. Oily skin loves oil

Skin that is oily can benefit from oils. Believe it or not, the right oil can rebalance the skin’s natural oil content for a noticeably more radiant complexion. Over time, oils can help clear pores of excess sebum and can reduce inflammation and irritation.


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