Happy 20th Birthday Salt Scrub! What else happened in 1996?

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what happened in 1996

It’s the 20th birthday of our most loved Ultimate Salt Scrub so we’ve been reminiscing about what happened in the year it was created (and generally feeling a little bit old!)…

– The Tamagotchi was born

tamagotchi 1996

– Buzz Lightyear was the best-selling Christmas gift in the UK

– Spice Girls single ‘Wannabe’ was released and became their first number 1

bridget jones 1996

– Bridget Jones’s Diary was first publised

– Scientist’s claim they may have found evidence for life on Mars after analysing a Martian meteorite for the very first time

take that split 1996

– Take That split up…for a bit

– Toy Story, the first entirely computer animated feature length film, was released

changing rooms 1996

– BBC home make-over programme turned us all into very amateur interior designers overnight

– The film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s novel ‘Matilda’, directed by Danny Devito, was released

google 1996

– Google began as a research project by Ph.D. students Larry Page & Sergey Brin at Stanford University with the domain google.stanford.edu

banana phone 1996

– The Nokia 8110, coined the Banana  Phone, went on sale

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