10 Christmas Dinner Hacks to Make this Year’s the Best Ever

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The festive season is nearly here and I’m already planning our meal on the big day. The big Christmas dinner  feels like such a special part of the holidays but it can end up a little bit more taxing than I’d planned. We’ve all been there, planning to embrace and enjoy the big day but somehow standing by the hob instead. So, this year, I’m trying to #LetGo a little more and I’ve come up with 10 easy peasy top tips. These should help us all make Christmas dinner / lunch, the best ever this year on 25th December, without being too taxing.. Sshh no one will know how you’ve pulled it off!

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1. Oven cook your sprouts with bacon the day before. So easy and tasty, then just warm through in a pan or the microwave on the day.
2. Pop a spoonful of cranberry sauce into your gravy before serving. It will give it a delicious sweetness.
3. Pre-scoop your ice cream into balls in advance, and freeze them like that. Then, when you want ice cream on the Christmas pud? Just pop one on top. No fighting with the ice cream scoop.
4. If you’re cooling lots of drinks, fill up a sink with water and ice and use that as a giant ice bucket.
5. Invest in extra wide foil for covering your turkey whilst cooking, much easier than wrestling with loads of sheets of normal foil.
6. Cook stuffing in a muffin tin. Easier than rolling balls, it gives it lovely crispy edges and saves using another baking tray you may need for something else.

7. Toss some dry polenta or plain flour in when you shake your roast potatoes after par-boiling. This gives them a love crunchy edge.
8. On the subject of roasties, try adding a good squeeze of Marmite to the pan of drained potatoes too before popping them in the oven. Honestly, it really works!
9. Add a glug of orange juice to the boiling water of carrots. It add a delicious zesty flavour to the cooked veggies.
10. Push some herby butter under the skin of your turkey before cooking. You need to be very gentle but this really does keep the meat moist.

We’d love to know what you’re festive foodie favourite tips are! Happy Christmas!

Sarah x

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