Handmade Christmas Gifts {3 ways with glass jars}

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The festive season is fast approaching and with growing to-do lists, busy shops and a multitude of friends and family to gift, the whole season can become very overwhelming indeed.

Knowing what to buy for the person who has everything, or a party hostess or school teacher can prove difficult, especially if your budget (and time!) is somewhat limited.  Embracing handmade could be the answer this year.  These really simple ideas are both purse friendly and pretty, and won’t take half as long to put together as you might expect!

Pick up glass jars from budget retailers such as IKEA and Homebase (or save your Sanctuary Salt Scrub jar after using!), and wash and save jam jars as you use them.  The unique aspect to all these handmade gifts will make them that little bit extra special this season, and consider the moments you spend putting them together as a little bit of respite from the Christmas crowds.




Beauty Storage Jars

The perfect gift for tweens and teens (and maybe the odd adult too!)


You will need:

An assortment of glass jars

A black sharpie

Beauty treats to fill

  1. Ensure your jars are clean and dry
  2. Using your sharpie pen, draw on little eyelashes. You can add eyebrows too, and even eyeliner flicks if you like!
  3. Fill with beauty treats. Try coloured bath salts, bath bombs or skincare minis.  You could even make a nail care jar, pamper night one (adding little candles too) or just stick to beauty basics like cotton wool or buds.


Curios Bell Jar

Perfect for a craft lover, sewer, or just a fan of quirky décor.  This works just as well as a coffee or side table feature as it does as a useful gift.


You will need:

A glass cloche or bell jar (this one is from Homebase and was very inexpensive)

A selection of themed items

A little Christmas decoration or bauble


  1. Choose items with a similar colour/ texture/ theme. Stack them inside your bell jar and secure with low-tack double-sided masking tape (if you wish to use them after) or strong glue.
  2. Add your Christmas decoration to the top and place on the glass dome.

Indoor Terrarium

Terrariums are big news at the moment and you can make your own both quickly and inexpensively.  Find mini succulents and cacti at garden centres and IKEA.  Choose glass jars with open tops to allow your finished feature to be watered easily.


You will need:

A large, open topped glass jar

Some soil

Gravel for drainage

A selection of mini succulents or cacti

Brown string


  1. Place some gravel at the bottom of your jar. Layer the soil on top and then plant in your little succulents.  Add more gravel around the plants.
  2. Finish with string around the top edge for a rustic, botanical feel.



Happy making and have the most wonderful festive season!




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