Simple solutions to beat the Winter blues…

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With the colder months in full swing and Spring a way off yet, it can be difficult to stay upbeat and motivated at the beginning of a new year.  The infamous ‘Blue Monday’ has been and gone, and many of us are feeling the pinch that Winter can instil.

So how can we embrace the positive in these darkest months of the year, and best see ourselves through to brighter days?  Why not try out some of the ideas below, to improve your mood and wellbeing this Winter.

  1. Don’t keep your favourite outfit for ‘best’

Wear something fun or frivolous ‘just because’!  Throw on that metallic skirt, paired down with a chunky knit and trainers, or add a sequin top to your usual jeans and plimsoll uniform.  Break a few style rules and add a little sparkle to duller days.  Mix it up on the makeup front too – red lips with bedhead hair, or a little winged liner can really help you feel ‘put together’ when your mood says anything but.


  1. Cook something nourishing

Danish people maintain that the Winter months are no time for fad diets and cutting back (and they know what they’re talking about!)  So take a leaf out of all the Hygge guides, and whip up something warm and comforting this season.  Soups and stews, casseroles and cassoulets are the order of the day.  Invite friends to join you and lift your spirits with good company and good food.


  1. Brighten your interiors

There are already so many Spring plants and flowers gracing the supermarket shelves, and both the scent and sight of them are a little indication of the promise of the season ahead.  Pick some up on your weekly shop, and display in vases and jugs around your home.  It’s amazing how they can brighten an otherwise dull and dreary space.  Choose daffodils for their cheery colour, or early hyacinths for their evocative scent.

  1. Retreat at home

When the evenings are dark and gloomy, it can be simple to fall into a ritual of TV or screen time on the sofa.  Try to take some time away from technology and pamper yourself a little in the hours before bed.  Light scented candles (lavender is perfect to aid sleep!) run a warm bath with your favourite products, pop on a hair or face mask and read your favourite book.  Even fifteen minutes spent looking after yourself each day will have a positive impact on your wellbeing.


  1. Make plans

Look forward!  What does the Spring and Summer have in store for you?  Day trips? Holidays? Home improvements? Work goals?  Plan and prepare for them now by doing your research, making notes, setting targets and working towards them.  All the best Summer plans are made in Winter, so cheer your spirits with thoughts of things to come!


Wishing you a pleasant (and speedy!) Winter season!

E x

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