Getting Ship Shape for Spring {Easy Organising DIY!}

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As the days get a little brighter, our minds start to turn towards Spring cleaning and organising our homes for the new season ahead.  It’s the perfect time to tidy out and tidy up, before the Summer sees us abandon indoors for out, and the school holidays make organisation that little bit more difficult!

If you are planning to do just that, here are a few ideas to get you started on your quest, and a really simple DIY project too!

1. Recycle Jars

From jam jars to Kilners, candle pots to lidded sweet canisters, everything can have an alternative purpose.  Use Kilner jars for baking ingredients, pasta or kitchen essentials, and clean out candle containers to repurpose as bathroom caddies and to hold dressing table essentials.

Bathroom Glass Jars - Easy Organising DIY

Glass Jars - Easy Organising DIY

Tips for getting rid of old wax residue:  Rather than scrubbing with hot water, place your candle pot into the freezer for a couple of hours.  The cold temperatures actually cause the wax to contract, away from the edge of the glass.  When it has started to come away you can pop it out easily with a knife.  Always take care when doing this!

Then wash and dry your jar thoroughly.

2. Label!

Files and folders, notebooks and papers are so much more likely to get misplaced and mixed up if they aren’t properly labelled.  Consider investing in a label maker to do so, or spend a little time organising your papers into files with clear notes on the front.  It will make finding that bill or travel document so much more simple when you need it!

Label Maker Idea - Easy Organising DIY

Label Maker Notebook - Easy Organising DIY

3. Baskets and Boxes

Perfect for everything, from toys to tomatoes, post to pet products, we can never have enough in our homes.  Invest in different types depending on their purpose – plastic ones are great for utility areas and pantries, wicker ones in living rooms, and wire baskets in bathrooms, where water will be present.  Also, don’t confine them to the outside.  Think about organising drawers with little ones, and separating accessories, makeup, or even your socks!

Wire Baskets - Easy Organising DIY

Here’s to getting our organisation on this early Spring!

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