Creating a more balanced life with Lagom

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Move over Hygge, there’s a new scandi buzzword making waves this year: Lagom!

Lagom, a word originating from Sweden roughly translates as ‘enough, in moderation, just the right amount’. Where as Hygge is amount moments of cosiness and that feeling of wellbeing and contentment, Lagom is more of an overarching lifestyle that’s made up of intentional actions to live a simpler life with more balance, frugality and sustainability.

As a huge fan of Hygge I was pleased to see how both practices can happily co-exist together!

So how can you bring the concept of Lagom into your life to create that greater balance and simplicity? Here’s a few practical ideas for living the Lagom lifestyle…


Be more intentional about your ‘stuff’

If Lagom is about moderation and intention an easy way to embrace it can be through examining how much ‘stuff’ we have in our lives and making changes to our relationship with this stuff. When I say stuff I mean all that clutter, those clothes you never wear, all those random Amazon Prime orders… Most of us buy far more material items than we need, and often it’s this accumulation of things that stress us out with more clutter, not to mention having a knock on impact on the environment. Being more intentional with your things could mean:

 – Having a massive declutter and clear out donating unwanted goods to charity shops

– Setting an intention to think about whether something is really needed before you buy anything new

– Thinking about your values when it comes to things, would you prefer to be buying less things but things of better quality? Would you rather shop at more ethical or sustainable stores?

Consider the power of moderation

I get that even just the word ‘moderation’ can sound boring and not especially fun, but there is a certain power in embracing it, particularly around food and spending (there’s many links between our relationship with food and our relationship with money!) I don’t always think moderation comes that easily to us, but when you start consciously considering what moderation might look like for you around your diet and spending it can be extremely helpful.

Start by considering what the other ends of the spectrum might look like, what would completely over indulgent eating look and feel like to you? How would extremely restrictive eating look and feel like for you? When you look at extremes you really can see how wonderful moderation can be, it’s the Goldilocks ‘just right’ feeling!


Save before you spend

These days it’s pretty common to whack everything on a credit card but that in itself isn’t very sustainable. Try saving before you spend! I know that can be challenging, this is something I’m working on myself, but what I’ve found is that there’s a lovely satisfaction that comes with saving up for that special dress or cushion that adds even more enjoyment and reduces the guilt you get from adding more debt!  When you start saving it can also mean that you generally become more aware of your spending habits and budget and that’s got to be a good thing!

Check in with your work / life balance

Are you finishing work on time? Taking your lunch breaks? Checking emails on the weekends? Lagom is about balance, and working all the time leaving no time for play or relaxation isn’t healthy or sustainable in the long run. How can you tweak aspects of your lifestyle to create more balance?

Review your homes environmentally friendly status

Being more aware of the environment and our impact on it is most definitely Lagom. Are there any changes you can make around your home to lessen your impact? This might be changing all the light bulbs to energy saving ones, adding an insulating boiler jacket to your hot water boiler, starting a compost heap and being more aware of the food waste you create.

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (3 of 10)

Reduce your options

Your first impression of ‘reducing your options’ might be a negative one but let me explain. These days we have to make countless decisions every single day. From the moment we get up we have to decide what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, to walk to work or take the bus, to make a packed lunch or buy it in town. Whilst having some options is a great thing, having too many can leave you feeling overwhelmed and zapped of energy.

Consciously reducing your options can be fun though, think creating a capsule wardrobe, a capsule collection of makeup or skincare products, using a meal plan etc can all limit your options in a positive way and reduce overwhelm.

I hope those tips have given you some ideas around how you can create a more balanced life using the concept of Lagom!

Laura Agar Wilson

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