Self Care for Summer

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Self care is simply about getting your needs met and feeling good and summer is a season that can offer us some wonderful opportunities for finding activities that bring us a lot of joy! However, summer can also come with some challenges – whether that’s baring your body in a bikini (which let’s face it can bring up some body image stuff) or just managing the kids over the school holidays.
Obviously self care is important at every time of year but I think summer offers us the opportunity to put a particular spin on it that will help us make the most of this wonderful season.

Here are a few great self care ideas for the summer:

Eat your fill of fresh fruit and vegetables

In summer there really is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and better still, when the weather is warmer you’re far more likely to fancy a salad instead of the stodgier foods that are appealing in winter. Make the most of it and experiment with simple recipes that make the most of fresh produce to get your dose of vitamins and minerals.

Sort out your outdoor space

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space to call your own, then now would be a great time to give it some TLC in order to be able to use it for self care activities like laying out in the sun, eating outdoors or doing yoga outside. Also it’s a great space to keep kids entertained in over the long holidays! If you don’t have an outdoor space then maybe try buying houseplants or fresh flowers. Both have been shown to promote wellbeing and lower stress. Personally I have to have plants around me, I love seeing that pop of green! Look out for pretty little succulents, aloe vera, snake plants or spider plants are all lovely.

Make plans with the people you love

When I see self care talked about online it usually focuses on the candlelit bath type of self care, which of course is all well and good but for me self care is so much more holistic than that. It really is about getting your needs met in every way and something I love to think about in the summer is making arrangements to see the people I love. Bonus points if it’s an outdoor activity! Friend time is most definitely self care for me, but it can drop over the winter months when all I want to do is hibernate. Getting this back on the agenda in summer is such a great form of self care.

Switch up your wardrobe

Personally I’m a fan of the capsule wardrobe and usually give it a refresh with some new summer ready styles that make me feel confident. Feeling good about your body and how you dress is definitely a form of self care. Treat yourself to a new bikini that shows off your body and makes you feel good – remember, every body is a bikini body!
Plan a mini home spa to treat your skin to some TLC
As we wear less layers we tend to expose our skin more at this time of year. Always remember the SPF – I often mistakenly forget to apply sunscreen, forgetting that the sun is still strong even in the UK! To treat your skin why not use a scrub and a luxurious body butter to keep your skin feeling soft and glowing.
Enjoy nature


One of my own personal favourite forms of self care in the summer is being outdoors in nature as much as possible. Getting my feet in the sea or swimming at an outdoor pool or safe wild swimming spot helps me relax and feel connected. Think about your favourite natural areas and plan a trip or two this summer. Bonus points if you keep your phone switched off!


Plan in some alone time


This is especially important if you’re taking care of children the whole summer – it can get a little overwhelming! Try and plan in some time when you can be alone to recharge and just enjoy your own company.


I hope this has given you some ideas about how you can fill your summer with self care – but remember, this is about what you feel you need and what brings you joy, it can be anything. Enjoy!


Laura Agar Wilson


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