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This blog post is brought to you by our Superfan of the week Sara-Jayne from Keep Up with the Jones Family.

This summer I’ve had the softest, freshest smelling skin ever thanks to Sanctuary Spa products!  Even my boys have noticed that I smell differently and little Hero settles on my duvet every night, tootsies outstretched in the hope of a little bit of body butter or lotion to keep his little toes soft and sweet smelling.  On Tuesday nights, I step into zumba classes as fresh as a daisy [and clamber out in desperate need of fresh air and a hot shower] and I can’t remember the last time I felt my skin cry out for moisture, because it’s just so happy.  Life is pretty good for my skin cells right now.

One of the reasons I love Sanctuary is that their products are suitable for all skin types, which means being able to buy whichever I want without worrying if I can use them on my particular skin type [tired, overworked].  I also love them because they look so beautiful in my cabinet, on the side of my bath, or wherever I’ve managed to leave them en route to the shower.  I also don’t hold my breath when I look for the price label, and I can get them in nearly every store I shop at.  This is all great for those of us with a mom-life where we’re generally chasing our tails 24/7.  If you’re a generally unpampered mom like me, take a look at my my absolute favourites – although there are at least another seven I could tell you about.

Sanctuary Salt Scrub

There is nothing like scrubbing your skin with a gritty salt mixture.  Exfoliating the stress away and feeling like a new person once you’ve rinsed off it one of the best feelings in the beautycare world, I’m sure of it.  I’ll take it over a soak any day – especially since I’m more likely to get five minutes to scrub than an hour to lie in the bath [this hasn’t happened since the morning I gave birth to Hero in 2014].

The Salt Scrub was the first product I fell in love with and it’s also beautifully presented in its huge jar.  It sits in my cabinet like the king of beauty treatments as it’s bigger and grander than anything else.  The smell is heavenly, and instantly recognisable as Sanctuary.  After using this in the shower [come out of the water before you scrub otherwise you’ll just wash it away before you’ve had a chance to use it] my skin feels so soft that I don’t use moisturiser. I’ve used it twice this week and I feel quite marvellous about it, especially on my upper arms and my legs and bottom.

Wonder Body

Ohhh, my.  I’ve never, ever trusted those tinted moisturisers [I get flashbacks to Ross on Friends and his fake tan] but after seeing that I absolutely look better with a bit of a tan this year [hides the drained, exhausted look], I decided to try Sanctuary Spa Wonder Body. Even Gav winced as I showed him what I was about to try. Haha.  However, it was pretty impossible not to want to try it after the packaging describes it basically like a superhero in a tube: hydrate, illuminate, transform, refine, even, correct…perfect.  Who could resist?  My body needs everything in that list.  So I tried it – and it really is that good.  It’s amazing.  This is something I might not now be able to live without – and gives me a bit of hope for my pale legs in Winter!  The very clever blurring, skin perfecting particles in the lotion instantly improve the look of your skin – I had to blink twice at my legs as I applied the Wonder Body and my whole body was left looking warmer and with a subtle glow.  Even better, it was non-greasy, was absorbed easily and again didn’t stain anything I touched afterwards.  It also looks a little bit like chocolate mousse when it comes out of the tube which made it even more appealing to me.

Sanctuary Beauty Sleep Mask

I was hugely hesitant when it came to trying this mask.  The words overnight mask and white bed linen don’t really go together in my world but in the name of research I tried this one and I LOVE it.  The Overnight Mask is applied to a dry face, neck and décolletage, which I felt a bit odd doing in any case as I’ve generally applied masks to a wet or damp face, but this one is more like a thick moisturising cream.  It’s creamy white, which was a relief as if it had been brown I’d have cried [and slept in the boys’ bed, haha].  Instead of sitting on the surface of my face though, the mask dried onto my skin as it soaked into it and felt more like a heavy cream.  I have to admit I kept looking at my white pillows and bedclothes with more than a little apprehension, but as I was a non-believer when I first applied the Sanctuary Wet Skin Moisture Miracle too [my all time favourite daily product, I took climbed into bed gingerly and hoped for the best.  In the morning my pillowcase was mask-free and my face felt well moisturised.  I love that I didn’t have to peel or scrub it off, and that I could go about my business in the morning before my shower still wearing the mask and without scaring anyone who came to the door.

White Lily and Damask Body Lotion

I LOVE the instantly recognisable “Sanctuary” scent – and so I was skeptical that I’d like this one, as it’s not what I typically associate with the Sanctuary brand, but the dispenser was so pretty and pale pink that I had to try it, and it’s just beautiful, especially for Spring and Summer days when you’re wearing your strappy, floaty dresses.  It’s light, delicate and three hours after applying the lotion, my skin still felt hydrated to touch, soft, and the subtle scent was still there.  It’s floral without being overpowering – and I’d very happily have this around the house as a go-to body lotion throughout the day after hand washing too. It leaves my skin with a clean, fresh feeling that I love.  If I didn’t have my Wet Skin Moisture Miracle on hand in the shower, this would be the lotion I’d apply if I had time in the morning.

So those are my absolute favourites – there are SO many more than I love,  and right now SAVE 1/3 on all Sanctuary Spa body butters and lotions PLUS my favourites above in honour of Superfan Sunday!

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