Letting Go of the Christmas Countdown

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It can be easy to get caught up in it all can’t it? That Christmas buzz that counts us all down to the most perfectly important day of the year starts in November (sometimes earlier!) adding layers of pressure upon us to find the perfect presents, at the special limited time only sale price of course, the best turkey and the most beautiful crackers to pull over lunch.

Even the biggest lover of Christmas can find it all a bit overwhelming, especially when a lot of the organising of things falls down to us. We only have one chance to host the best Christmas party, put up the most beautiful tree and rock the most stunning party dress – or do we?

Now I’m a big fan of Christmas – I really do love it – but all this pressure to make one day a vision of perfection that wouldn’t look out of place on a TV ad can take a lot of joy out the season. Maybe it’s time we just let go of the Christmas countdown and the focus on one single day being perfect.

What would life look like if we celebrated Christmas as a whole season, instead of it just being about one day, one meal or one party? What if we added a little bit of that Christmas day fun to every day?

Now that’s something this Christmas fanatic can get excited about!

The great thing about this approach is not only does it take a bit of pressure off, it makes any Christmas stress you face a little easier to handle. It’s like a lovely form of self care to get you through the checkout queues and full on family days.

Here’s a few tips for how you can take the pressure off it being all about one perfect day, and how you can let go of the Christmas countdown and start enjoying it now!

Enjoy some Christmas foods now

Why wait until Christmas Day to eat some pigs in blankets, brussels sprouts and chocolates? Having the odd chocolate now means you’re less likely to go overboard on Christmas Day itself too, which often spoils the enjoyment of it. Have a little of what you fancy as we approach Christmas and extend all that fun!

Wear all your Christmas clothes

Instead of saving your Christmas dress, Christmas jumper or Christmas pj’s until the big day, why not wear them all now? It seems such a shame to buy such lovely things and only wear them once or twice when you can enjoy them for the entire season!

Pamper yourself like it’s Boxing Day

I know a lot of women who love a good pamper session on Boxing Day using all of their Christmas gifts, but why not pamper yourself in that way now? Relaxing in a bubble bath is a great way to wind down if the Christmas prep stress starts getting to you, plus you’ll feel your most gorgeous self for all your Christmas get togethers.

Have a Christmas movie night

Instead of waiting to watch Christmas films closer to the big day, why not plan a Christmas movie night (or several!) with your family? Add in hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows, candles or even a glass or two of mulled wine and get to enjoy those Christmas Eve vibes more than once!

Indulge in a little self gifting

I’m sure I’m not the only one who treats themselves to an odd gift while out shopping for others am I? Well why not ditch the guilt about that and embrace it instead! It will definitely help take some of the stress out of shopping.

Spend time with the people you care about

For many families, Christmas is the time they get together, maybe the only time that year. But what if that was a bit different? Instead of spending hours in the shops finding gifts, what if you spent some of that time with them instead? Or maybe it’s about going out for a meal together instead of buying gifts this year – sometimes the best gift you can give someone is time with them.

Remember the essence of Christmas

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of what Christmas really is for us. Rather than getting carried away in the hustle, when we know what elements make our Christmas special I think we can really focus in on those. For me it’s about seeing family and friends and showing them how much I love them – with some chocolates and brussels sprouts thrown in. That’s what really matters and remembering that helps me to focus on what actually matters.

How can you #LetGo of the Christmas Countdown and enjoy a little bit of Christmas everyday?

Laura Agar Wilson


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